Sunday, August 14, 2016

Underground Rap Record Labels: 350 Press or Less Mix

The Nonce: Turnin It Out - Nomoney's 2312 Sunday Morning Remix)
Alps Cru: Blood work
MC Blabber: Highly Intellectual
Madman Shawn: Walk Thru Hell
$amhill: Poetic Justice
Oxygen ft. Dr. Becket & Emskee: Guillotine 16's
Deep In Da Circle: So? (Where I Live At)
Terror Green: 45 Stitchez
Nas, Jae Supreme: Villian
Lord Finesse & Percee P: Kicking Flavor with My Man (Remix)
Mykill Miers: The Illest Remix
Sleestackz: X Filez
East of The Rock: Mr. Producer
The Magnificent Shakeem: You Better Be Treacherous (Freestyle Records)
Lone Catalysts: Revolving
Hez: The Zip
Frankenstein: Strangers to The Eye
Killa Kidz: 96 Phenomenon
Def Dee ft. Count Bass D & Black Spade: Move Blocks (Dee Remix)

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