Wednesday, August 10, 2016

People Without Shoes - Optimistically Speaking (CD & DVD The Opumentary) - 2016

CD - 2016 - 5420 RECORDS  

"5420 Records is proud to present People Without Shoes new album entitled Optimistically Speaking Double Disc CD + DVD The Opumentary celebrating the 
20 year anniversary of (Thoughts Of A Optimist) the debut suppose of been released summer of 1996. Fast forward 2016 Optimistically Speaking the album is a collection of rare demos straight off of cassettes out of the shoe box to bring you this new classic. The songs were recorded before and after (Thoughts Of A Optimist) you get to hear This lyrical massacre as TempopmeT devours each beat with a Insatiable appetite of word play and delivery the DVD is a in-depth look about his life starting off as a kid from the hood with a dream to make records to eventually becoming a icon on the underground rap scene with legendary status. But not knowing the pitfalls of this machine called the music industry you get the life of a artist destined to be great but forced with trials and tribulations. Get up close and personal with TempopmeT as you hear the best story never told of People Without Shoes featuring exclusive interviews from Nappy Red, Bathtubbs, 3 D.O.A, Ron Blakwards, Hot Waterz and much more. No filters, raw uncut footage, take a tour thru the streets of the Bronx where hip-hop started. As we embark on this green road inspired by originality, the purist essence of hip-hop "  
People Without Shoes

Available August 22th 2016
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