Thursday, January 21, 2016

Mighty Buddha Heads - Speak of the Devil (LP) - 1993

The Speak of the Devil LP was mostly recorded in 1993 by the Trenton, NJ collective, "The Mighty Buddha Heads." The album was led by Shawn Lov, then a young teen, recording under the MC name "Caspa." Also featured as core group members were Neff Starr (Then B-Fine,) and Scrappy Boob (dancer and hype man.) Shawn produces and performs on the majority of the LP along with additional contributions from Fatha Ramzee (Suicide Posse, Royal Family,) Sole Survivors, JaQuest (who later became Masada of Intelligent Muzik,) and DJ Reggie Reg (Producer of the Courageous Chief Warpath EP.) 

The Majority of "Speak of the Devil" was recorded while Shawn was just shy of turning 16, prior to his senior year in high school, during the summer. There were supposed big breaks right around every corner- there is in fact an interesting story about a Newark man masquerading as the "brother of Cool Roc Ski from the FAT BOYS" demanding an opportunity to release the first Mighty Buddha Heads album- a promise that drove the project. Although not as polished as Shawn's official releases, Speak of the Devil tells a story of a group of ambitious, passionate urban/suburban teens testing the limits of their youth, discovering females, and projecting a dedication to "real hip-hop" before the sentiment was commonplace. 

The album never saw a release through the label it was recorded for. It would be another 5 years before Shawn Lov hooked up with Trenton NJ Legend Producer Tony D (Poor Righteous Teachers, YZ) and recorded the sessions that led to the release of the "Respect This" Vinyl and the LP "The G.O.D." in 1999, which many fans consider to be Shawn Lov's first official LP release.

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