Monday, January 11, 2016

Grown Man Rap Show - Episode 55 - Tribute to New Jersey

Redman “Jersey Yo!” (2000)
(Paul Nice set)
Heather B "Do You" (1997)
Heather B "Dedicated" (2002)
Heather B "If Headz Only Knew" (1996)
Poor Righteous Teachers "Shakiyla (JRH)" (1991)
Poor Righteous Teachers "Skakiyla (JRKK) Remix" (1991)
Poor Righteous Teachers "Rock Dis Funky Joint" (1990)
Queen Latifah "Wrath Of My Madness" (1988)
Queen Latifah "Wrath Of My Madness (DJ Premier Remix)"
Queen Latifah "Princess Of the Posse" (1989)
Rah Digga "Lessons Of Today" (2000)
Rah Digga "Just For You" (2000)
Redman "Time 4 Sum Aksion" (1992)
Joe Budden "Pump It Up" (2003)
Lords of the Underground "Funky Child" (1992)
Lords of the Underground "Chief Rocka" (1993)
Naughty By Nature "Written On Ya Kitten (QDIII Remix)" (1993)
Naughty By Nature "It's On (Beatnuts Remix)" (1993)
YZ "Thinking of a Master Plan" (1990)
Tony D f. Outsidaz "Bust" (2001)
Pace Won "I Declare War (Remix)" (1998)
Redman "Tonight's Da Night" (1992)
(DJ Toast set)
Young Zee “Don’t Fuck with New Jersey”(2015)
King Sun f. Poor Righteous Teachers “The Gods Are Taking Heads” (1990)
Redman “Brick City Mashin’” (1998)
Pace Won & DJ Sat One “Any Champion” (1999)
Naughty By Nature f. Apache & Lakim Shabazz “1,2,3” (1991)
Diezzle Don f. Redman “Ghetto Red Hot” (1998)
LOTUG vs. Masta Ace “What I’m After (Temple of Boon)”
Artifacts “Attack of New Jeruzalum” (1994)
Poor Righteous Teachers “Easy Star” (1992)
Heather B “Steady Rockin’” (2001)
Naughty By Nature “Holdin’ Fort (LG & Lowrider Remix)” (1995)
Pace Won f. Wycelf Jean “It’s Yours” (2002)
Redman “How To Roll A Blunt” (1992)
Chill Rob G “Ride the Rhythm” (1989)
George Carlin “Tolls in New Jersey”
Naughty By Nature “Sleepin’ On Jersey” (1993)
Flavor Unit MC’s “Bring It On” (1993)
Lakim Shabazz “Pure Righteousness” (1989)
Apache “Do Fa Self” (1993)
YZ “Sons Of the Father” (1990)
Queen Latifah f. Monie Love “Ladies First” (1989)
Lords of the Underground f. Sah-B “Flow On (New Symphony)” (1993)
Tony D “Harvey Wallbanger” (1991)
Chill Rob G “The Power (instrumental)” (1989)

Props to Paul Nice & Dj Toast

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