Thursday, November 5, 2015

Kick Back & K Banger - My School Remix / 4 Time 4 - 2015

7" - 2015 - Ozone Crew Records 

"Kick Back (Beat maker of Da Shogunz) and K Banger (Emcee from New Jersey), first began working together in 2010, and later released the track "Ode To New York" on the Cosmic Trippin' 12" in 2012. Beats were exchanged for cultural history and knowledge, and supplemented with historic rhymes, thanks to K Bangers extensive involvement in Hip Hop culture since the birth of it. With a slew of unreleased tracks, Ozone Crew is proud to present 2 of some vaulted collaborations between Kick Back and K Banger."

Tracks originally recorded in 2010.
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