Monday, November 2, 2015

Brothaz Bent - The Unreleased Centinela EP - 2015

EP - 2015 - Chopped Herring Records 

A1- Machine Ron Kelly feat. Cadalack Ron
A2- Got Getters feat. Rekon & Woozy Medwick
A3- Bravo feat. Cadalack Ron, Don Chalant & SP Noza
A4- Silly Hoods Pt 1 feat. SP Noza & Woozy Medwick
B1- Wicker Mansion feat Cadalack Ron
B2- Bag Lady Deluxe feat. Woozy Medwick, Cadalack Ron, Mister Melo, SP Noza & Rekon
B3- Los Lefside feat. SP Noza, Woozy Medwick & Cadalack Ron
B4- Lumberjacks feat. Lost Occupant, Woozy Medwick & Cadalack Ron
B5- Hi Lows feat. Lost Occupant, Woozy Medwick & Cadalack Ron

Produced, written and aranged by Brothaz Bent. 
Tracks originally recorded in 2008

350 copies Only !!!
 (120 copies on Solid Blue coloured vinyl
& 230 on traditional black vinyl)

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