Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Edible Beatz - Record Machine - 2015

LP - 2015 - Art Of Rec

Edible Side:
A1. Roadblocks (featuring Rasco) 
A2. Children Of The Corn (featuring Prince Po) 
A3. Demolition Man featuring (Grand Killa Con) 
A4. Sucker Free - Reasons (featuring Gee Dubs) 
A5. You Ain’t Fresh

Beatz Side: 
A6. Roadblocks Instrumental 
A7. Children Of The Corn Instrumental 
A8. Children Of The Corn (Practical Poetry Remix) 
A9. Volcanoes Erupting 
A10. Edible Style 
A11. Beat Fans

Out August 10th 2015
Stay Tuned ! 

Contact Patrick Egberts aka DJ P-Trikz for more Info 


  1. Ptriks. .salute king..sounds dope !!! ..super salute.

  2. Glad to see you here Prince Po ;) peace