Sunday, May 10, 2015

3 Shades Of Rhythm - 3 Shades Of Rhythm (3xLP) - 2015

3xLP - 2015 - World Wide Wax

3 Shades of Rhythm are P.Whaley , Equipto & T.D Camp.
Originally released only on Demo Tape in 1992 and CDr via Hella Records afterwards , 
the 3 Shades of Rhythm 's Golden Era Series is now available on Vinyl (3xLP) via World Wide Wax.


A1: Gather Round 
A2: Rhythmic Shades 
A3: Boom Ka Ka Boom (Remix) 
A4: The Deal (Kid) 
B1: Hit The Studio 
B2: Methods Of Maddness 
B3: Here It Is (Featuring: White Mic) 
C1: Showtime 
C2: You Want This 
C3: For The Few 
C4: Everybody Wants To Rap 
D1: Funky Demonstration 
D2: I'm In A Rage 
D3: Reflections 
D4: Leo's Beat 
E1: Try Again 
E2: Shades On Arrival 
E3: Focus On The Witness 
F1: Choose To Flow 
F2: Poetry Department 
F3: Don't U Won't U 
F4: We Been Aroun

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Props to Mytee Thor for the Info 

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