Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Dface DXA & Llingo Apt - Dirty Llingo: New York To Philadelphia Deluxe Edition

2xLP - 2015 - DXA / KicDrum Products

Tracklist :

A1 It Gets Ruffa
A2 Up In The Casket
A3 Pigs In Choppers
A4 In Stand By
B1 Grill Marks
B2 Go Fuck Yourself
B3 Poison Control
B4 It Gets Ruffa (Remix) 
C1 It Gets Ruffa (Instrumental)
C2 Up In The Casket (Instrumental)
C3 Pigs In Choppers (Instrumental)
C4 In Stand By (Instrumental)
D1 Grill Marks (Instrumental)
D2 Go Fuck Yourself (Instrumental)
D3 Poison Control (Instrumental)
D4 It Gets Ruffa Remix (Instrumental)

300 copies only !

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