Thursday, October 12, 2023

Kevin Keith & The Dirty Dozen Show - January 15th 1994 - WNWK


Episode of the Kevin Keith & The Dirty Dozen Show aired on January 15th 1994 on 105.9 WNWK. The group Trends of Culture was in the studio that night. There is an interesting unreleased demo from Magic Juan played in this show, entitled "What's the Word". I think this demo comes from Magic Juan's unreleased album "Whether You Like It Or Not" which was supposed to come out around 1993/1994. 

Kevin Keith & The Dirty Dozen Promo

Empty Pocketz - Struggles From The Days Of Old

Das EFX - Gimme Dat Microphone

Wu-Tang Clan - Method Man Remix

Wayne Smith feat B-Real - Under Mi Sleng Teng (DJ Muggs Soul Assassins Remix)

Talk Break

A Tribe Called Quest - The Chase Pt II Remix

Shyheim feat Rubbabandz/ K-Tez & Down Low Recka - The B-Side (Bring The Drama)

Magic Juan - What’s the Word Demo

Souls Of Mischief - Never No More

Owtlawz - Great Gozh Almighty 

Trends of Culture - Who Got My Back?

Talk Break

Trends Of Culture Interview 

Trends Of Culture Freestyle

Talk Break


  1. It does come from their unreleased material. There are 12 unreleased Magic Juan tracks. There are more unreleased songs of them on those shows. Crazy demo material on KK 7 DD shows. Peace, MadHuman

  2. 29:36 is Owtlawz - Great Gozh Almighty

  3. thanks Kihotio, tracklist updated !