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BSB ‎- Body To The Music - 1994

12" - 1994 - 4x4 Records  

BSB a.k.a Born Supreme Brothas was a group from West Philly comprised of Scoop Seven, Mr Zee and Sputty What. They released their debut 12" in 1994 on the Philly-based label 4x4 Records. 

Sev, Sput & Zee - Photo courtesy of Sputty What

The 12" is composed of 4 tracks. 3 of them are produced by Groove Da Moast who was in the group 2Kannon with K-Swyft & 2Fresh in the early 90s, and who can also be considered as a BSB's affiliated member. To go back farther in the Philly Hip-Hop History, Groove Da Moast a.k.a DJ Groove was the original DJ for the Fresh Prince (Will Smith) before he got with Jazzy Jeff. They were both in the group called "The Hypnotic MC's". 
The track entitled "It's Gotta Be The Brothers" is produced by Up &Up Productions but no info about who is behind this name unfortunately.

About the connection between the BSB members, you need to know that Scoop Seven and Mr Zee were already in BSB in the early 90s. Sputty What was supposed to be learning how to make beats from Groove Da Moast. His intern started with BSB recording sessions. Scoop Seven & Mr Zee were recording a song and needed another verse, so they encouraged him to write something... he did... they liked it and he became part of the group... simply like that !

From Da Philly Street Buzz - May 1993

They recorded a few demos and they had one of their song on a radio show that won "The Battle of the Beats" for like 3 months. That's how they got signed with 4X4 Records. After they got signed, they went on a Tour but when they got back the label wasn't pushing them at all... so the group split and they all went different ways.

Everything I know is that there's a bunch of unreleased tracks recorded by the trio, and an unreleased album recorded in the early 90s, before Sputty What joined the group. I wish all this unreleased material could see the light of day soon.

I dedicate this article to Groove Da Moast who has just passed away... Rest In Peace. 

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