Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The Funk Family - Eevrything 'll Befyne (CD) - 2016

CD - 2016 - The Stand 

"Classic 90's underground hip-hop album produced by Tony D (RIP) and The Baka Boyz. The FU FA would later become Blaque Spurm but prior to they recorded a slew of heavy authentic hip-hop bangers lead by Blaque Spurmazoid 1 Bobby "BeFyne" Humbert. This version has a change in track listing from the 2008 release currently available in digital format with some unheard tracks that you will more than appreciate. Other group members & affiliates included Baby Chill, Mr. Stylze, Cuba, El Blaque, Tony D, Young Star, YZ, Unfound Flavors aka The Unfound (Drastik, Scott Lark & Drunk), Awahl & DJ Dru. " The Stand 

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