Thursday, October 20, 2016

5 Bros. with Ugly Clothes are Back !

Scan courtesy of Mugwe LexLuther Jones

Keep your eyes wide open fellas... It seems 5 Bros.with Ugly Clothes are back in the game, with the Reissue of their two different EPs, "Came Out To Play" released in 1994 on Eloh Bro Records and "Believe In The Five" released in 1998 on 5Bros. 
There will be also some unreleased materials. 
If you don't know this crew, check the full snippets below to understand what you've missed ...
More Info coming soon ... Stay Tuned !

EP - 1994 - Eloh Bro Records 

A1 - Come Out Ta Play
A2 - The Sad Truth (Skit)
A3 - 5 Bros. Rock On
B1 - No Loot, No Boots
B2 - You Suck (And You're To Blame)
B3 - Cousins

EP - 1998 - 5 Bros 

A1 - Intro
A2 - Believe In The Five
A3 - Catz Don't Realize
A4 - Midtro
A5 - Put It On The Five
B1 - Tha Love Don
B2 - Keepin' On
B3 - Catz Don't Realize (Instrumental)
 B4 - Put It On The Five (Instrumental)