Thursday, February 20, 2014

Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito Show - July 17th 1997 - WKCR

Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito Show - July 17th 1997 - WKCR

Sir Menelik AKA Cyclops 4000 feat El-P - Nightwork
Natural Resource - Bum Deal Remix
Main One - It's On
Common - Reminding Me (of Sef)
GP Wu - Hit Me With That Shit
The Korp - The Champion
The Roots feat D’Angelo - The ‘Notic
The Beatnuts feat Big Punisher - Off the Books
A Tribe Called Quest - Same Ol’ Thing
No I.D. feat Dug Infinite - Jump On It
Herbaliser ft. What What - New & Improved
Mos Def - If You Can Huh
The Beatnuts - Bless the M.I.C.
B-1 - Empire Staters
Bobbito talking about technical difficulties
The Korp - We Comin’ Remix
Two Kings in a Cipher - How U Figga
Del - Eye Examination
3rd Bass - Check Yourself
Downtown Science - This is a Visit
De La Soul - Chanel No. Fever
No I.D. - Sky’s the Limit
Company Flow - Blind
Scienz of Life - The Anthem
MF DOOM - Dead Bent
Mass Influence - Under Pressure
Natural Resource - I Love This World

Lo Life - No Weak Signs
Aboriginals - QNA ft. Mike Zoot
KMD feat MF Grimm - What a Niggy Know Remix
De La Soul - Lovely How I Let My Mind Float
Del feat Pep Love and Q-Tip - Undisputed Champs
Kurious - Walk Like a Duck
Ultramagnetic MCs - See That Man On the Street
The Beatnuts - Get Funky Remix
NaS - One Love Remix
Organized Konfusion - Why
A Tribe Called Quest - Keep It Rollin’
Eric B & Rakim - In the Ghetto (Drums & Rakim Mix)
Special Ed - Ya Wish Ya Could
Big Daddy Kane - Mr. Pitiful Remix
K-Solo - Speed Blocks
Kool G Rap - Death Wish
Lord Finesse - Back to Back Rhyming f. A.G.
Talking w DJ Eli
Lord Sear -’97 Stretch & Bobbito Freestyle
phone calls
Company Flow - Tragedy of War (In III Parts)
The Beatnuts - Strokes
MF DOOM - Hey!
No I.D. - Sky's the Limit instrumental
No I.D. - Sky's the Limit (Inf Mix)

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