Sunday, February 23, 2014

Public Enemy - Tour Of A Black Planet (VHS) - 1991


  1. Amazing classic. A tour of force that demostrate that Rap music CAN and MUST BE a vehicle of CONSCIOUS AND SOCIAL INFORMATION. Very necessary to see in this dark age of dumbness full of gangsterism, materialism, x-rated innecesary lyrics and lack of genius music (hey Mumblers and Trappers!)

  2. Amazing Classic. Very necessary in this dark times full of gansta materialistic and sexism music with lack of genius (Hey Mumblers and Trappers!) PE is the demostration of RAP music CAN and MUST BE. The musical Controlled Chaos by Hank Schocklee and the mad scratch of Terminator X give the appropiate emergency state of sound by the conscious rap of Chuck and Flavor.