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Big Yang The Lyrical Boss - Now It's Time - 1994

12" - 1994 - M.O.B.B. Records

Big Yang a.k.a Big Yang The Lyrical Boss was a rapper from Far Rockaway, Queens NY who is now based and living his life in Houston,Texas. In 1994 he dropped his debut 12" entitled "Now It's Time" on M.O.B.B. Records, a small record label from Rosedale, NY managed by Ramel Harvey.

Ramel Harvey : "I decided to open M.O.B.B. Records because rappers didn't really last forever back then but music executives do. I believe it was around 1992. M.O.B.B. stands for Might Of Black BrothersBig Yang was introduced to me by a friend who knew I was into music and we started working together from there because I knew he had something. His voice and presence was commanding so I knew we had to get into the studio."

The 12" consists of 4 tracks entitled "Licka - Licka" produced by J.K. Smooth and B.Scott, "Blow Up Da Spot" featuring Johnnie Qwest and produced by Baby Wise, "The Madness" produced by Starkim, and "Time Ta Drop Da Bomb" featuring Johnnie Qwest and produced by Baby Wise. The A-side contains the Radio versions of each track and the B-side which is also called the Street side contains all the Uncut versions. It's rare but no instrumentals are available. 

"Now It's Time" was also released on Tape and CD format at the time. Vinyl and Tape are easy to grab for a good price but the CD version is a little bit more expensive due to the fact that it contains a bonus track entitled "Watch Whut Ya Say (Uncut)" produced by Baby Wise. 

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