Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Krisengebeat - ILL Vibe - 2021


LP - 2021 - The Get Down Records 

"Krisengebeat (born 1980) is a Beatmaker, DJ, Rapper and Graffiti artist born and raised in Berlin, Germany. His strong passion & love for the Hip-Hop culture emerged in the early age instantly after hearing his big brother spinning many oldskool rap albums like "Raising Hell" by RUN DMC... 

When Onyx "Bacdafucup" was released in '93 this LP had a strong influence on Krisnegebeat. Hardcore Hip-Hop along with black hoodies became his thing! In 1997 he started to drop bombs on the neighbourhood walls with chrome & black letters. 

Krisengebeat experienced his first grooves by playing the real drum set back in the days. His first analog sampler / multitrack recorder was a Roland SP-808 combined with "two turntables and a mic" and some other studio gear. After trying to combine sounds for the first time on a borrowed MPC 2000XL it became his passion! He is surrounding himself with dusty drums and samples until this day! 

In the early 2000's he started to record his first rap album "Nur die Besten Überleben" as a member of the German rap group Kritische Disstanz. This project was released 4 years later in collaboration with Berlin based Teroa Label by Akte One. This was also the first LP mastered by Chillerdt in the BKStudio (Berlin) and many more followed after! This collaboration tightened over the years and last until now! 

One day at the beginning of the recent worldwide mix up which affected most of us, this led to a decision between moving to the studio and chill with the closest ones or just let it flow and push the pads on MPC Renaissance and start to release some instrumental music using extra free time in a productive way. That was definetely a good decision and after a plenty of motivating feedback it became the master plan to create the “ILL Vibe” instrumental LP! 

Krisengebeat's - "ILL Vibe" album as a whole piece is a 34 minutes long journey through dimension of sounds inpired by the 90's Boombap golden era and filled with pure Hip-Hop flava which is now alive more than ever! Hard hitting drums combined with 12 bit samples and original noises of analog machines like the Akai S950, real vinyl crackles and all that highlighted with analog mastering! Enjoy the ride y’all! 

This project is dedicated to all beatmakers & graffiti writers wordwide!" - courtesy of The Get Down Records

Available on Limited edition 12" (150 copies) & Cassette (50 copies).


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  1. Never heard of this cat, tho im from his site of the globe, thanx TGE-Blog !

    Could tell instantly by the dope name stuff must be from the german-speaking site of the earth.

    I will spare me this one up, but from the artwork, visual styles, it looks mega hard... Really Ill Styles. Straight Up HipHop...
    Can't wait hearing the sound frequencies... The Ge-Beats. Gonna be the bomb I expect.