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K-Otix - Spontaneity - 1997

EP - 1997 - K-Otix Entertainment 

Here is the debut 8-Track EP released in 1997 by the group K-Otix from Houston,Texas, consisted of Micah Nickerson p.k.a Mic Da Madman a.k.a Mic, Damien Randle p.k.a Dookey Love a.k.a D and Russell Gonzales p.k.a Roc Smuv a.k.a The Are.

Before 1993, the group was going by the name "Guess Who", but they had to change their name because there was already a rock band named "The Guess Who". So thinking about the concept of "Chaos", they initially came up with the name of "Chaotics" flipped with an intentional misspelling "K-Otix". 

If you're looking for a quick recap about how their story began, here is a demo tape review written by Matt Sonzala in 1993 for the release of their first demo tape entitled "Da 4th Level" : 

"Micah Nickerson a.k.a Mic Da Madman, began rhyming in the fourth grade, where he'd emulate the likes of Kurtis Blow, Run DMC, LL Cool J, Fat Boys and Doug E Fresh, clowning around the classroom and 'rockin the mic' at various family functions. It wasn't until the emergence of Rakim and Big Daddy Kane, in the mid 80s, when Mic really began to take the rap game seriously.

Dookey Love (Damien Randle) came into the picture when the two met at Lamar High School. Mic was a freshman, Damien a sophmore. They hooked up immediately, but neither knew the other could rhyme. In fact, each would dis the other when the subject came up.

It wasn't until Dookey's last year, when the two had computer class together, that the fellas connected. Still in separate groups, the two wrote a rhyme together in class and hooked up over the summer. What later became the K-Otix was beginning to take shape."

Dookey Love & Mic Da Madman 

"The two had been together for about nine months when mutual friends (Brad-D and D-Bone of Sat-N-Smooth) took the duo to the offices of NewStyle Records where Sat-N-Smooth was in the process of recording their debut album. NewStyle hooked up the guys up with producer ROC SMUV (Russel Gonzales) and the kids was with it."

About their first meeting with The Are at NewStyle Records's offices, Damien declared "The owner of Newstyle Records was a quirky little Bob Odenkirk- looking white guy named Doug King, who was partially credited for co-producing the Geto Boys' "Mind Playing Tricks On Me". Doug was pretty interested in signing us, and said that he knew of a young, hungry producer that would be a perfect fit. So Doug set a date and time; we met him and Sat N Smooth at the studio one day to check out this producer. In walks this scrawny little white kid wearing a jacket that appeared to be 3 sizes too big. We all look at each other like "WTF?" "

The "Spontaneity" EP was their first official project released independently on K-Otix Entertainment. It was recorded at Sound Arts Studios in West Houston and was fully produced by The Are. The project exist in three different record pressings : The first run featured yellow labels. The second had red labels and the third run, which came years later, had a blue color scheme.

It's not really easy to grab a physical copy of this EP nowadays, but it's definitely a must have. Remember to give respect where respect is due... that's the case for K-Otix... everything is good from the beginning to the end... and to be honest like most of their other albums.

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