Friday, June 29, 2018

Teknical Development.IS & Figub Brazlevič - Strictly 4 All 2xLP - 2018

2xLP - 2018 - Vinyl Digital  

"New LP by Teknical and Figub Brazlevic.
Standing up to scene once again continuing with power moves with the release of their new LP Strictly 4 All. The title speaks for itself, straight to the point. Delivering jewels track after track, keeping to their unique and original style. Strictly 4 All is for all with no exceptions. Move with us to the next journey. Nothing is excluded. All life is welcome. From the personal struggles to earth issues the points are met. Inside and out." - Vinyl Digital

A1 - Most Importantly (Intro)
A2 - Move With Us
A3 - Take Flight
A4 - The Terradome
B1 - Uber Funkyness (Skit)
B2 - Memories & Flowers
B3 - Nothing To Forgive
B4 - Short Before
C1 - Something To Live For (Skit)
C2 - Strictly 4 All
C3 - Build Together
C4 - You Want It... You Got It
D1 - Ethics of Jazz (Skit)
D2 - Blind Fire
D3 - Weed Flower Pot Heads
D4 - (Drum) Pattern Of The Strange
D5 - Now Or Never (Outro)

Release Date : August 17th 2018

The Instrumental album is also available for Pre-Orders Here  

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