Monday, September 26, 2016

Mixtape : Bachir presents D-Styles: The Only Mixtape

CD - 2016 - Rayon du Fond / Musicast 

01 – Introducing The Wax Fondler
02 – Third Sight : Rhymes Like A Scientist
03 – D Styles: Felonious Funk featuring Babu, Q.Bert, Melo-D
04 – D Styles: Beautifull Fog
05 – The Cloaks: Magnificent Freedom
06 – Third Sight: Dr Douche Powder
07 – The Grouch, Daddy Kev & D.Styles: Square One
08 – Jonwayne: You Can Love Me When I’m Dead
09 – Mike Boo & D.Styles: Listen
10 – Third Sight: Baghdad
11 – D.Styles: Mr Arrogant Noisy Stylus Remix
12 – Jonwayne: Dirty Dan
13 – Q.Bert & D.Styles: Razorblade Alcohol Slide
14 – Rasco: The Unassisted
15 – Third Sight: Zodiac Killer
16 – Awol One & Daddy Kev: Agony
17 – Mister Modo, Ugly Mac Beer, Jihad & D.Styles: Sick Richard
18 – D.Styles: Return To Planetary Deterioration
19 – Greyboy: Son-Ray featuring D.Styles & Ricci Rucker
20 – Dj Kentaro: Crossfader featuring D.Styles & Kid Koala
21 – Kypski: Wreck Fader
22 – Dj Gee Swift & D.Styles: D-Style Has The Juice!

"Dave « D-Styles » Cuasito began his musical career in one of the great incubators of Dj style and skill: the San Francisco Bay Area of the 1980s. Like hundreds of other Filipino American teenagers, D-Styles started off with a mobile dj crew – San Jose’s Sound City – spinning at garage parties, school dances, weddings, etc. Those party-rockin’ roots would become a core part of his musicality but by the mid-80s, he also began to develop a love for scratching. Competitions and showcase events brought him in contact with other like-minded djs, including members of the turntablist squads he’d become most associated with: the Invisibl Skratch Piklz and Beat Junkies.
As renown as D-Styles has been as a member of the Piklz, it’s easy to overlook his prolificness as a solo artist. He’s produced tracks for Third Sight and lent out his scratch talents to everyone from The Grouch to Greyboy to Dj Kentaro. Bachir’s The Only Mixtape can’t include every song D-Styles has blessed but in both its breadth and depth, it pays proper homage to a Dj whose wax fondling now span three decades and counting."  Rayon du Fond 

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