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Soul Kid Klik - Desperate Times / Spark Da Mic - 1997

12" - 1997 - Soul Kid Records 

Here is the second single released by the Soul Kid Klik, a crew consisting of Infamous, Storm, Blak Spik, Skinslaya, Goodfella a.k.a Mike G and Ghetto Philharmonic (G-Clef, Sledge & DJ Spinbad). "Desperate Times/ Spark Da Mic" came out in 1997 on the Valley Stream, NY-based label Soul Kid Records. Definitely something to own in his record collection !

The 12" is composed of 3 songs entitled "Desperate Times" (Raw Mix, Radio Edit, Instrumental & Acapella), "Spark Da Mic" (Fatality Mix, Friendship Mix, Instrumental, Acapella), and "10 Mack Commandments" which is a Bonus Track featuring Doc Dave Banna. 

According to an official promo sheet dropped with their first single "Mortal Combat" in 1996, Soul Kid Klik was described as a group of contemporary artists dedicated to bringing back the feeling to hip-hop music. Collectively and individually the klik's eight artists represent a sound that is innovative, yet deeply rooted in Hip-Hop, Jazz and Soul music. Producer G-Clef creates soundscapes that range from Hardcore to smooth, depending of the mood of the moment. 

The KLIK ...
Infamous : Straight out da woods comes NYC's premiere "Battle Rapper" capable of both pulling out his opponents hearts as well as pulling out his own.

Storm : (Da Ghetto Mutant) the "Black Sonya" skilled in nine degrees of Combat will emerge as the first rugged female MC since Roxanne Shante. She sets forth to become the U.S.S Enterprise of female MCs.

Blak Spik : Taking time out from his job as "King of New York", he is bringing back true Bronx Hip-Hop to the forefront of American music. He can currently be found in the streets of the Bronx throwing grenades inside bodegas. 

Skinslaya : the only R&B singer/songwriter in the Klik, Skinslaya, the Nat "King" Cole of Hip-Hop Soul is poised to take his place as the "King of Ghetto Love" : "Strictly slayin' skins wit da smoothness ..." 

Goodfella : The only MC in hip-hop history who is actually a made man according to the five famillies. With a voice like an italian Barry White he seeks to bring about a return to family values in hip-hop. 

Ghetto Philharmonic : G-Clef, Sledge and DJ Spinbad have earned underground legendary status as the true innovators of Hip-Hop/Be Bop. As G-Clef and Sledge are not only MCs, but accomplished Jazz horn players. DJ Spinbad is the current champion of NYC's "Fatbeats" DJ Battle. 

And if you don't own it yet, I highly recommend you their full album entitled "Invisible Army" from 2001 which was reissued in 2018 by Hip-Hop Enterprise. 

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