Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Truth or Square - Strain My Brain / The Dirty Floor / Cognac Freestyle Jersey Dirt - 1999

Back in 1999 with this 12" released by this group from Trenton, NJ called Truth Or Square. The crew was comprised of Scatta Rpee, Uncle Eye, Divine Drummah who was first known under the name of DJ Mone, and a fourth member named 10th Degree who was in the state of Virginia at the time and who didn't make the record. 

All the tracks of the wax "Exceptional", "Strain My Brain", "The Dirty Floor Remix" and "Bonus Taste (Cognac Freestyle Jersey Dirt)" were produced by DJ Mone a.k.a Divine Drummah who also managed Root Of Civilization Productions.

If you're looking for more info about everything first start for the group, you need to know the group was founded around 1990. Divine Drummah went to school with Scatta Rpee and Uncle Eye, but not at the same time because he transfered from one school to another. Funny thing is that Divine Drummah discovered that Scatta Rpee and Uncle Eye also knew each other when he hook up with Uncle Eye to make a demo...Scatta Rpee was also there !

Interesting thing also for the collectors is that the group dropped an album entitled "On Top Of The World" on cassette tape in 1996. It was followed by an EP entitled "Release This" which came out around 1997-1998 on CD format. But honestly I've never seen copies of both for sale and nothing about them on discogs. The hunt is open fellas !!! 

Photos courtesy of Divine Drummah

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