Thursday, December 27, 2012

DJ Milky - Underground Vibes Mix Vol 1 - 2009

Tracklist :

Rascalz – Funky Need (Remix)
Ghetto Concept – Deifitrec
Tha Tribezmen – Who Got The Vibe
Two Outta Millions – Time To Get Away
Reif Ruble – Bronx Keep Creatin’ it
Shamus – Big Willie Style
Choclair – Twenty One Years
Ubad – The Legacy
Golden Smiles – We Got It
M.F. Grimm – Get Down
The Edge – Who’s Dat Chick
Street Smartz – Metal Thangz
Lace Da Booms – Out That Weak Shit
The Hoodz – Blunted Hit
Dsa – Uncontrollable
Kamakazee – Spread It (Remix)
Dead Poetz Society – Lick A Shot (Remix)
Paw Dukes – Amazin
Da Ruckus – Maintain
Team Demolition – Feed Back
Wise Intelligent – Steady Slangin
One And One – Phenomenone
Cover – Underground Flow
Kombo – I Don’t Stop
Da Fat Cat Clique – My Tracks
Psyclone – I’Sh Gotta Stop
Orfinz – Since Ya Wanna Be Down


  1. Thank you verymuch

    This is me

    Please link my bandcamp

    Can I link this blog?

    Please up vol.2.3

    My favorite is vol.5

    1. I love your mixes (from Toronto Canada!) Please do you have a link to download/buy vol. 5??