Friday, October 2, 2020

Deacon Legacy ‎- Lifes Waterz - 1997

K7 - 1997 - Sad Life Entertainment 

"Lifes Waterz" is a 8-track EP dropped by Deacon Legacy on Tape in 1997. Deacon Legacy is from Jamaica Queens, NY and his family is from Jamaica West Indies. From what I know after talking with him, he started writing and became an emcee after seeing Kriss Kross perform on In Living Color TV show. "Lifes Waterz" was Deacon Legacy's first project which was released on Sad Life Entertainment. 

1 - Intro
2 - Strive  
3 - Crystal Handz  
4 - Still Waterz  
5 - The Bizness
6 - Platinum Pussy
7 - What The Deal Iz?  

8 - Queens Connek

Photo courtesy of Deacon Legacy

There is no info about the productions but the tracks "Intro", "Still Waterz", "The Bizness", "Platinum Pussy" and "Queens Connek" were produced by Sad G, "Strive" and "Crytal Handz" were produced by Sad G & LGXY, and "What The Deal Iz?" was produced by Sad G & Khalil Cave.  

Mad Props to Deacon Legacy and Fred Thecle for the tape rip

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