Thursday, March 15, 2018

Various ‎- What's Really Going On ! Volume I - 1995

EP - 1995 - Homeless Records

 "What's Really Going On ! Volume I" was a compilation of various artists from NYC released in 1995 on Homeless Records, a record label directed by Houston Bowen. The EP is composed of 6 tracks. 
On the A-Side you can listen to "Where The Money At" performed and produced by Jesse West a.k.a 3rd Eye, the excellent "A&R Better Watch Out" with its little piano loop produced by E.Knight and performed by the group Dunja, the same group who was on the N.Y Confidential EP. The last one for this side is " Strictly Ghetto" performed by Rich Nice and produced by House who was the executive producer of the project. 
On the other side, the first two songs are "Play By The Rules" performed by an MC named Ripper and "Times Are Trife" performed by the group NFL. Sorry I don't have any info about these cats. Both tracks were produced by Scratch God Ahmad from Brooklyn. The last one "Beats" is a track of the group A.S.A also know as Another Smooth Alliance, group composed of Dez Dottin and Ezra 'E.Z Ace' Nanton from the Bronx who were already known with the excellent 12" 'What U Mean 2 Me' released in 1992. "Beats" was produced by G-Dub.

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