Wednesday, March 28, 2018

The Mischievous LQ and The Mad Mischief Crew

Wilmington, Delaware was the place where was formed the indie Hip-Hop group called The Mischievous LQ and The Mad Mischief Crew in 1996. 

The core member of the group was Terrance L. Bradshaw the smooth assassin a.k.a the mischievous LQ a.k.a Iller Nizer T9ner. The other members of the crew were Mr. ChillRa Dodge, Skip Diesel, the Phantom, Naughty and Slim The Warrior. All these cats weren't from the same neighborhood but were hand-picked from each side of the first city first state Wilmington Delaware 302 by the mischievous LQ himself

In 1996 , they dropped their first single "Mischief Night" on vinyl and tape on King Poet Records. This record is considered as a classic nowadays. The cassette single is a little bit different from the 12" with two more tracks on it, named "Live" and "Criminal Tactics". 

A promo album called "Nonsense: Volume One" composed of 15 tracks was pressed on CD as well in 1998, but only few copies exist  and are really hard to find. 

CD - 1998 - King Poet Records 

 LQ : "Basically we wanted an international ring, a worldwide Buzz so we all passed out the CD, the wax and the tapes. Basically I'm from the attic and the basement era and we didn't have a major, just independent. I was VP and co-owner of King Poet Records under Dennis Flowers a.k.a Godfather who was co-owner and president. But Dennis Flowers passed away in '99 and the ship sunk cuz of his family..."

Most of this stuff was reissued by the great record label from Milwaukee (WI), Dope Folks Records in 2013.

Props to Terrance L. Bradshaw and big thanks to Neil Andrew for the tape cover scan.

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