Monday, March 12, 2018

N.Y Confidential - N.Y Confidential EP - 1998

EP - 1998 - Guillotine Records 

I remember buying this vinyl in '98, in a little record store from Paris called "Street Sound". Dark atmosphere, good lyrics and dope productions... It was the kind of indie record you put directly in your bag after the first listening, even if the artists were unknown !

N.Y Confidential is a comp of various Brooklyn based artists released in 1998 on Guillotine Records. It was fully produced by E.Knight (Heads to the Floor Productions), the former member of the group Camouflage Large. The EP is composed of 5 tracks with different MCs from the Breukelen Projects : 
"Why" featuring Agony (The original "Why" before it was stolen by Jadakiss in 2004... for the story), "Rumors of War" featuring Dunja, a group composed of E.Knight, D.Als and A.Als, "Me & You" and "Backstabbed" featuring Rahlike The Body Snatcha, and the last one "Anger Consumes..." featuring E.Knight also known as Dunja Lord. 

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