Saturday, March 10, 2018

One Step Beyond - The Labyrinth - 1996

Photo courtesy of Joe Summa

One Step Beyond was a hip-hop trio composed of Joe Summa, Val Black and Dee Cutz. Joe Summa and Dee Cutz were from the Bronx, Val Black was from Queens and they grew up together since they were 15. They put "The labyrinth" out their selves independently in 1996 on World Wide Entertainment.

12" - 1996 - World Wide Ent.

 The 12" is composed of 5 tracks : "18 To Party" which is the lead single with its instrumental, "Women Who Sleep With Women", "World Wide" and the excellent "Dedicated" in its instrumental version. Many people contributed to the productions ... cats like Earl Blaze, Gold Finger, Val Black and Von Belgrave
The wax is really rare and very hard to find, and even if it's not listed on Discogs, a CD version exists with the same tracklist but it should be rarer than the vinyl...

On March 12th 1997, Joe Summa and Val Black were invited on the NY Live Radio Show (89.1 WNYU) with Mr Mayhem, Sunset & DJ Riz. This show was uploaded in 2016 on Dj Eclipse's Mixcloud... Here is Joe Summa's freestyle and Interview !

Mad Props to Joe Summa and Von Belgrave. 
Vinyl rip courtesy of 90's Hip-Hop blog

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