Monday, March 19, 2018

Beats House Records Presents Kest Is High - 2018

Let's talk about this little project dropped by my man Kesta a.k.a Kool Kest who comes from my area, Le Havre (Normandy, FRANCE). The album will be released digitally with the help of Beats House Records and will be composed of 11 tracks featuring various artists like the Tokyo based emcee R.Y.T, Bumble Bzz, Picthcaps (Djar'One & Senbei), Jules & Georges (Les Rimailleurs), Anozer, Sample Sickness and NLK & Doe, two members of the young record label "Bien Tombé Records". 

Kesta : "The name is 'Kest is High' because I'm a fan of De La Soul's album, and there were the perfect letters to redo the logo with my moniker. I'm addicted to records, samples, sound and to music in general ... I think that the project is rather in a night atmosphere, with a majority of samples of jazz and soul, but made with my own style."

Coming soon ... Stay Tuned !!

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