Thursday, March 8, 2018

Ruph Headz - Backbone Entertainment ´96 Spring Sampler Vol. 1 - 1996

12" - 1996 - Backbone Ent. 

Ruph Headz (Raw Universal Pot Heads dat stay High Everyday All Day Zonin) was a crew from Brooklyn and was originally composed of Donald "Mayhem" Owens (R.I.P), Jasson "Masikah" Turner, Majesty, and DJ Buckwild. 
According to an interview of Jasson Turner done by HanDJob on Crates Of AG blog in 2001, Jasson declared : " We formed the group in 1989 as LMS (Lyrical Mafia Squad), then changed the name to the Ruph  Headz.  At that time it was a four man group (Mayhem R.I.P, Masikah, Majesty, and DJ Buckwild). We lost two members (Majesty and Buckwild).  For a while it was just Mayhem and Masikah, and then we met Sharif who I named DJ Sizahands because of his scratching skills....and that is how we became the Ruph headz"

In 1996, they dropped the "Backbone Entertainment ´96 Spring Sampler Vol. 1" on Backbone Entertainment, a Japanese record label. All the tracks were produced by Most Slept On Entertainment except "Sheets In Between" which was a remix version and was produced by the Ultramagnetic MC’s member Ced Gee. 

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