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ill'j a.k.a. Mad Kid - Mad N' Smooth - 2018

Tape - 2018 - KADV! 

New beat tape released on Kick A Dope Verse! by ill'j a.k.a. Mad Kid from Lima, Peru. The tape is composed of 40 minutes of strictly boom bap shit !!!

75 copies only !
Shipping Date : November 24th 2018

Interview : The House List Ep. 98 - Swigga / L-Swift (Natural Elements)

"Swigga once known as L-Swift has a story to tell. We do a deep dive live from the NorthEast Bronx in this revealing true narrative of how a young kid from St. Lucia in the Caribbean transplanted to New York City. Certain heads will know his work closely from the lore of his group Natural Elements, one of the city's most talented yet mysteriously never getting their proper due or platform. For added reference please listen to Episode 33 of this show to hear our talk with Mr. Voodoo (Natural Elements). Shouts to Eddie Brock (also a collaborator with Swigga in their group Northeast Wildcats), whom allowed us to record this conversation at his crib. Enjoy! The intro song is entitled 'Check Da Style', produced by Charlemagne and released on Fortress Entertainment in 1995." - Peter Agoston

For The Children: 25 Years of Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)

Certified Classics celebrates the 25th Anniversary of Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) with the release of For The Children: 25 Years of Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers), a short film featuring members of Wu-Tang, family, and friends discussing the impact of the iconic album. 

Shadyville All Stars

Mixtape Cover courtesy of K7pacoje

The famous JR Ewing Mixtape N°1 ... this is the tape which help me to know the group Shadyville All Stars in 1997... a crew hailing from Shadyville (Queens Village) NYC and consisted of P.Dap, Shamoney XL, Jerry Bones, Prince Willie Bo, Power, Roc Awwn, Preme Yamir (RIP) and Uni Joewon.

P-Dap : "We all were from the same area in Queens...we linked up after I was on the Clue mixtapes...We all had separate crews coming up and music brought us together. 
Sha lived around the corner from me, we started producing at an early age... I'm a year older so he hung out the younger from the hood...we clicked up when he came home from Jail...I was already making a name out here from dj mixtapes, Dj Clue, Dj Envy, Whookid etc...".

They formed the group in 1993 and released their first records in 1995. The 12" was released on Shadyville Entertainment, an indie Hip-Hop label managed by Sha, Scarecrow and P-Dap. Both tracks are produced by Sha a.k.a Sha Self and features P-Dap and Prince Willie Bo ... 'Young World' on the A-Side which uses a sample of 'Let's Straighten It Out' performed by Latimore and the best single of the record 'NowAdays' available in its original, instrumental and T.V Track versions. 

12" - 1997 - Shadyville Entertainment 

In 1997, they were back with their second and last 12" composed of the main single 'Knights of the Roundtable' produced by Jerry Bones and featuring Uni Jo.jawn, P-Dap, Powerful P.God, Preme Yamir (Roc'n in Paradise), and on the flip side the track '1200 Technics' produced by Sha-Self

 Shadyville Allstars Producers : Jerry Bones, Ky Miller Tyme & Sha (Money XL) Self - Photo courtesy of P-Dap

Shadyville All Stars has grown up through the years and other members joined the crew, here is the full member list : 

- P.Dap (Main Artist)
- Jerry Bones (Producer/Engineer) 
- Gsp.(Yousef) Artist
- Prince Willie Bowe (Artist/Producer)
- Jane Blaze (Artist/Producer)
- Power (P.G0D) (Artist)
- Uni Jo-Jawn (the vulture) (Artist) 
- Preme Yamere (Roc'n in Paradise) (Artist)
- ROC*ON (Artist/Actor)
- Ky Millertime (Engineer/Producer)
- Sixxx 2 (Artist)
- Sha Money XL (Sha Self)  (Producer/Engineer/Mngmnt/Leader)         
- Dj WhooKid (Shadyville Entertainment) (Owner of Company along with Sha Self)

Sha Money XL had huge success with 50 Cent, he was the one who brung 50 to Eminem. He was also G-Unit Label president for over 10 yrs. Jerry Bones has a production company named Atrack Addiction and is also a professional Engineer working with many upcoming Rap, Rock and RnB artists etc...
P-Dap is now known as 8starpaskal and is still active in the music industry. 

Mad Props to P-Dap ... thanks for your time bro !!

Video : DJ MelBoogie Presents GIANTS ft. Eternia & Phoenix Pagliacci

Here is the video of 'GIANTS' featuring the Canadian female emcees Eternia and Phoenix Pagliacciis, second single produced by Mercilless from the forthcoming compilation album, 'DJ MelBoogie Presents The L.I.F.E. Project'.

Friday, November 9, 2018

The Diceman - The Power Of Now LP - 2018

LP - 2018 - King Of The Beats 

Here is the Limited Edtion Vinyl 'Power of Now' released by Diceman from the Bronx based group The Legion. 

"After 2 years working on this project.  We are proud to present Dicemans – The Power Of Now Limited Edition LP.  With music production from Key Figures and J Depina.  The second LP from the series Looking for the perfect Beat the movie directed by Pritt Kalsi which features the Diceman and group he comes from The Legion. 
From start to finish this lp is packed 21 pieces of music.  The Bronx is Back in effect.  We agree and firmly believe that you can drop the needle anyone this record and you will be pleased.  No features other than 1 track featuring the Legion the album is going back to a time where one MC can hold his own.  This is the Diceman.  Lots of thought and care, passion went into the making of this lp, it goes more than the music, from the artwork, its conception, turning it into the physical. We got special access to the plant and where taught how to make the vinyl ourselves.  The videos we shot ourselves. This is a labour of love and more than 25 years of experience on both our parts.  Both of us felt we had something to prove, joining forcesto deliver this a true hip hop classic." - King Of The Beats

500 copies available (First 250 purchasers get free Bonus 45')
Shipping Date : November 1st 2018

A Clan Called Wu - Enter The Marauders - A Blendtape By Dj Filthy Rich

"November 9, 1993 will forever go down as one of the greatest days in hip hop history. Two of the genre’s most revered albums dropped on the same day: Wu-Tang Clan’s debut ‘Enter The 36 Chambers’, & A Tribe Called Quest’s third LP ‘Midnight Marauders’. To mark the 25th anniversary of both LP’s, I thought it might be a good idea to try and take the vocals from Wu-Tang’s album, and blend them over the instrumentals from Midnight Marauders. The intent was not to improve on the originals in any way….that would be impossible, as I consider them both to be perfect bodies of work. Rather, it was about orchestrating a fun concept, and putting a totally new spin on these well-worn classics. The contrast of Wu’s gritty street raps over Ali Shaheed’s jazzy production works in a pleasantly unexpected way. Now, I present to you my personal tribute to these legendary groups: A Clan Called Wu “Enter The Marauders”.- DJ Filthy Rich

Contact : DJ Filthy Rich  

The Hip Hop Spot w/WildMan Steve & DJ Riz - March 7th 1994

The Hip Hop Spot w/WildMan Steve & DJ Riz 90.3 WBAU March 7, 1994

Brand Nubian - Punks Jump Up to Get Beat Down Instrumental
Da King & I feat Pudgee tha Fat Bastard - Kingpin
Mysterme & DJ 20/20 - Unsolved Mysterme
Shabba Ranks - Ting-A-Ling
Dred Scott - Can’t Hold It Back
Bahamadia - Total Wreck
Yaggfu Front - Left Field
KMD feat MF Grimm - What a Nigga Know Remix 
Intelligent Hoodlum - Street Life (Return of the Life Mix)
A Tribe Called Quest - Midnight 
Ed O.G & Da Bulldogs - Less Than Zero
Talk Break
Ill Al Skratch - Where My Homiez ?
Hard 2 Obtain - Street Dwellers
Snoop Doggy Dogg - Murder Was The Case
Fourtie - Shawn
Nubian Crakers - 1, 2 Da 3 And (Nubian Crackers Classic NY Mix)
Scientifik feat Edo G - As Long As You Know
Erick Sermon - Hostile
Wu-Tang Clan - Can It Be So Simple
Mr Voodoo - Come Off Hard Remix
N-Tyce - Hush Hush Tip
Talk Break with Kurious
Kurious - Uptown Shit
Talk Break with Kurious 

Props to DJ Eclipse

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Mix : S4BZ Presents Autumn Mix - 2018

Don Gargeyone - Take That
Kojak & The Blakk Dynasty - Storm Of Destruction
Mytee G Poetic - Com'n Wit Nuff Ruffness
Da Ruckus  ft. Eminem - We Shine
Sons Of Light - Luv Life
Hipnotics - No R & B
Droopy Eye Crew - Most Deadliest Of All Games
25:55 ? 
Half A Mill - Another Homicide Scene
Myzery - Stimulated Dome
Lewis Parker - Mysteries Of Life
Son A Bluntz - Don’t Snooze
45:32 ? 

Tone Spliff - Ardore Melodico 2xLP - 2018

LP - 2018 - Diggers Factory  

The Los Angeles based DJ and Producer Tone Spliff is back with a crowd funding project called "Ardore Melodico". "This is a 18 song project featuring some of the most legendary emcees along side some of today's newest emcees. Every song has scratches on it and each track has that traditional Boom Bap Hip Hop feel."
The project features: Big Shug, Realio Sparkzwell, Ill Conscious, Ren Thomas, Supreme Cerebral, Zagnif Nori, Recognize Ali, C Rayz Walz, Sadat X, Kool Taj The Gr8, Localblac, Shabaam Sahdeeq, Suezar, Tha God Fahim, Daniel Son, Ed O.G., Born Talent, Pace Won, Solomon Childs, Illa Ghee, Kool Sphere, Young Lo and Ruste Juxx. 

200 copies only on Double Green Vinyl.
Shipping Date : February 2019


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Crimson League & Da Backyard Studio L.G. Brooklyn

I think the first time I've heard of Crimson League and Backyard Recordings was back in '97 when one of my friend named Samire bought the Jewelz Of Da Nine EP, a comp produced by Saran Rap and Thyst. 

EP - 1997 - Backyard Recordings 

Crimson League was a group hailing from Lafayette Garden, Bed-Stuy Brooklyn, and consisted of Sargent ScrewFace, Don Mateo a.k.a Rob, Mr. Riggs, Zakar Debonair and Flash. 
Thyst has recently uploaded a comp of unsigned unreleased demos of the Crimson League. Everything was produced by Thyst, Saran Rap, T.O.S., Da Dean and Fish Lover (Dj Fishfire) who was their manager. Crimson League was one of the first groups to come out of Da Backyard Studio L.G. Brooklyn. 

Da Backyard Studio L.G. Brooklyn was a real Hip-Hop institution. Thyst took a moment of his time to explain to me how everything started for that studio and label, and by the way how the connection happened with the Crimson League.  

Photos courtesy of Thomas Rivera

Thyst : "My name is Thomas Rivera and I was born in Manhattan, raised in Bed Stuy Brooklyn in a housing project known as Lafayette Gardens aka L.G.
My parents are Puerto Rican and both were factory workers. My brother and sister were 13 & 10 yrs older than me so I was the most spoiled, least entertained, and least mentored to. I was born premature so I was a slow grower. I got picked on in public school by bullies. I took cheap karate lessons for 50 cents per week at my church and still got beat up. My mother’s solution was to place me in Catholic private school where the Nuns kicked my butt for anything. I was mostly a recluse and didn’t fit in until I started listening to Hip Hop and watching the Dj’s spin in the park with no permits and running wires from the street lamps or someone’s apartment. I was fascinated. I was about 12 and the year was 1982. I went to High School and got into Graffiti. My first tag name was Tomcat, then Crisis, but I hated those names. I collected comics, so I got this book called Amethyst Princess of jemworld in a trade so I cut off the Ame and made the Thyst my new tag name.My mentor in Graffiti was a guy named Donald who went by the tag name Pero37. I don’t know what the number means. He taught me how to tag. Shortly after, he began talking about DJing. He would frequent Dj. Clark Kent’s home and DJ Clark Kent would let him practice there. Dj Clark Kent was producing The Real Roxane and soon to be Special Ed and Chubb Rock. I couldn’t go with Donald so I found a friend in my neighborhood that had turntables who wasn’t big or famous. His name was Ebo. He was a Graffiti writer as well.
Ebo’s mom had passed away due to cancer so he was home alone a lot until his dad got home from work. So we would practice every day after school for months. I would take in Donald’s info and technics and go and practice it on Ebo’s set. I knew I had to get my own set but I was poor. I got my first job at 14 then I saved my money and bought 1 tech 1200 turntable then 2 years later I had 2 turntables and a small mixer. I bought a used 12 inch home made speaker for $60 from the local Street Dj. I practiced and studied Dj Mister Cee who would play in the parks of LG on summer nights. I then became a mobile Dj with 3 other friends and we named ourselves “The Iron Dj’s”. We did Sweet 16’s, school dances and church dances. But never made much money or namesake. I think my friends did it to get girls and I did it because I loved to Dj. In my college years, 1989, I was ready to quit and study more instead. Then a few friends from the block knocked on my door and asked if I would help them produce beats for their rhymes. It was Dj Saran Rap & Dominique Da Dean. We formed a group called Step One: The Next Of Kin. Then we started recording from tape to tape. I then bought a 1.9 second sampler for $300. It was not designed to be a sampler but I used it like one. It was the Digitec 2001 efx processor that had a hold button to retain and loop an echo. I simply looped beats and re-recorded them over and over using 2 tape decks. The sound was horrible but it was enough to get an overall idea for a track. We would then take the records/cassettes to a real studio and re produce and record demos. Back then, I was the only one with a job so it took time to make the tracks. Studio time was $25/hr and I was making $6/hr. Less than 20 hrs per week. We then started producing anyone who had money to pay for studio time. Like Dominques cuzin Splive B (formerly of the Playboys). He used to rap with Big Daddy Kane back before he got deals. So the three of us went from being a group to producing. We used the famous Firehouse studio when it was in Brooklyn and sometimes later when it moved to Manhattan. Firehouse recorded artists like Mc Lyte, Audio Two, CashMoney, Gangstarr, Wu Tang, Masta Ace, Mob Deep, etc...
We then changed our name many times: Smooth Nation, Inner Circle Conjunction Productions. I went and got married at 21 and things went sour. We broke up. I divorced my wife after 3 years so in 1994, I had my own production company called Amethyst Productions. During those 3 years I produced Da Odd Kuple. Those tracks were recently released by "Ruff Roosta Records" Netherlands."

Saran Rap & Thyst - Photo Courtesy of Saran Rap 

Thyst : "Saran Rap formed his own production company and called it Recycled Music. The Dean just hung around Saran. We came back together slowly but then The Dean’s mother passed away. She left him a large sum of money and the apartment in the projects. He wanted to fulfill his dream of becoming a rap star so he used his money to purchase an Adat & a Condenser Mic. He came to Saran and myself and asked if we could build a recording studio in his now vacant room. We put our equipment together and got furniture from the street or bought used stuff and I worked in a kitchen and brought cardboard egg crates and glued them to the walls. That was the end of 1994 and it was the birth of Backyard Studio soon to be Backyard productions & Backyard Records. I had just enrolled in a trade school called IAR Institute of Audio Research (now closed). Saran was working with this group called Blackstract and they had this rapper featured on one of their tracks called Sgt Screwface."

12" - 1995 - Stickman Ent 

Thyst : "Screwface was a member of the Crimson League. I briefly met him because he soonafter had to do a bid in jail. Saran wanted to wait for him to get out so he could record him since he was already on wax. So he brought in the rest of the Crimson league. First Rob, then Sakar, Flash and Mr. Riggs. I believe Rob, Sakar & Flash were low level soldiers of the local CMB crew (Cash Money Brothers).
We were trying to create a paying recording studio were we could both make money and produce hip hop hits. Most of the money we made went back into the studio for repairs and the rest went into the Jewelz of Da nine EP. From 94-97 we were making moves! So the backyard consisted of : Thyst, Saran Rap, Da Dean, Dj Fish Lover, TOS, Erving G, Little Phil and artists. In that time we produced : Kool G Rap’s Enter the Dragon( Remix), Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous (Remix), Chris Styles, Piece of the Pie, WendyWilliams intro for Hot 97, Crimson League, Jewelz of Da Nine EP, Tape Kingz Booty records, Dj Mister Cee’s bootyrecords, Da Veteranz (Recorded), and many demos. I was also freelancing at Firehouse Studio at the same time and got to work with Masta Ace, Bahamadia, and Dj Mister Cee."

Saran Rap - Roger Pollen - Thyst @ Da Backyard Studio - Photo courtesy of Thomas Rivera

"We broke up the Backyard because we each needed to move on. Saran Rap moved to Tulsa Oklahoma where he goes by the name Brokbundlez and has had a very successful underground hip hop career. Myself Dj Thyst, moved to another part of Brooklyn, got married for the second time and has since done projects: Moe Devious- Ghetto Fabulous , Space- One Night, Chipluva - The Essence and currently looking to re-release and remix a few tracks independently. Da Dean moved to Queens NY and is still producing his own music. As for the Crimson League, I only know about one member Rob, and he is still rapping. 
I just have to say this: Backyard Studio LG was a heaven for young hip hop artists developing in LG. It provided an outlet for aspiring producers, Dj’s, rappers, performers, and dancers. Yes at times it was a smoke filled hangout spot but with free electricity and fellowship amongst peers it served its purpose. Backyard did not discriminate. We recorded drug dealers, working class, non workers, ex convicts, High school dropouts, whomever."

From Left to Right : Thyst1 - DJ Fish Fire - Bobby Stallion (Phil) - Photo courtesy of Thomas Rivera

Mad Props to Thyst and Saran Rap

Monday, November 5, 2018

Nick Wiz - Cellar Selections 10 2xLP - 2018

2xLP - 2018 - GRR 

A1 - Chubb Rock feat Ran Reed- Soon Come
A2 - Emskee - Remember
A3 - Dizaster - War Goin' On
A4 - A4UG - Money
A5 - Kandy Kane feat Milkbone - Do My Body Good
B1 - Shabaam Sahdeeq - Great Paper Chase
B2 - Ran Reed - Old School, New School
B3 - Unknown Artists - My Favorite Things
B4 - Shabaam Sahdeeq feat Kima & Ran Reed - Bring It
B5 - Triip - No Tricks In '96
C1 - LSD - Cash Money
C2 - Pudgee, Ran Reed & DMX - You Ain't Know
C3 - Cella Dwellas feat Chino XL & Tony Atlas - Main Aim (Remix)
C4 - Mad House - Dome Calls
C5 - Shabaam Sahdeeq - Hoodlum Things
D1 - Ran Reed - Just A Verse
D2 - Emskee - Run It
D3 - DV Alias Khrist feat Retsam - Street The Rapist 
D4 - D4ZooDiZoo - Physical Form
D5 - Ran Reed - No Wins

300 copies only ...
Release Date : November 23rd 2018
Pre-Orders : Spot Records / HHV  

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Album Review : Heavy D & The Boyz - Blue Funk - 1992

LP - 1992 - Uptown Records 

From The Source - February 1993 - Scan courtesy of Frederic Thecle 

Infinito 2017 - From Inside Self Living to Please Me (Fixed With Tape) - 2018

CD - 2018 - Melanite Darker Hue Records


Jay Royale - The Ivory Stoop - 2018

Tape - 2018 

The Baltimore based MC Jay Royale is releasing his long awaited LP "The Ivory Stoop" November 6th on all major digital platforms. The album features Milano Constantine, Conway The Machine, B.E.N.N.Y. The Butcher, ILL Conscious, DJ Grazzhoppa and more.
The limited edition cassette is also available for pre-orders !

Shipping Date : December 6th 2018

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Madd Man - Nod Your Head - 1994 / 1995

12" - 1994/1995 - On Trac Records - Photo courtesy of Jerry Parsons 

Let’s talk about this 12" which was maybe released around ’94/'95 and has always been tagged online as 'Big Boy – Nod Your Head' ...
The only details I had got about that wax until now was the info written on the vinyl Label : Produced by Big Boy for Red Bonz Productions, mixed by the Orfinz member Git Loose and Engineered by Ken Johnston, executive producer for the Orfinz too.
But I knew there was something wrong with this vinyl the day I looked at the sticker... it didn’t fit with the artist name...'Big Boy'...

After a quick investigation, I can say that Big Boy is only the producer and not the artist… the artist is a cat from Newark, NJ named Tony Ore a.k.a Madd Man.

Madd Man or Madman... Does it sound familiar to you ? It does if you own the excellent 'The Head Rush' compilation released in 1995, you could listen to another song from Madman named 'When I’m Gone' produced by Bigee a.k.a Big Boy.
According to Stevie Guy a.k.a Big Boy, Madd Man and him were affiliated with the Orphans (G.L. a.k.a Git Loose, Mac-10, Heavy Hitta & Sheed) and they decided to do their own thing and released that 12".