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Raw Footage - The Final Call / Stay Tuned - 1997

12" - 1997 - SOM Recordings 

In 1997, this wax was released by Raw Footage on the New Jersey based label SOM Recordings. Raw Footage was a duo consisted of Q a.k.a Q Rock from Atlanta, GA and Lord Jamars's cousin named Reality from Mont Vernon, NJ.

Reality and Q - Photo courtesy of Omari Reality-Bashir

The wax is composed of 3 tracks ('Intro', 'the Final Call' and 'Stay Tuned'), all produced by Reality's friend named Scott Weatherwax (Down Low Productions) and co-produced by Reality (T.R.A.U.M.A.U Ent.). 


 The group was managed by Brian Pritchett also known as Big Cousin, half member of Adagio! and owner of SOM Recordings. 

Big Cousin :"Reality is my cousin too...We grew up together in Mont Vernon before he moved to ATL... We always played around with music... when I dropped the NY to Philly EP... they were working on their project and needed a way to get it out."

If you're looking for some info online about the group, you'll find nothing ... press kit or promo sheet don't exist ...

Big Cousin : "We did everything so casual back then... I was young and we were making music to have fun and to play in the dorms at school. We weren't making music for the radio or for money... it was more for the art and for collaboration..."

According to Big Cousin, the group recorded a lot of material that didn't get released ... they were about to get signed and the deal fell through...

Q and Reality - Photo courtesy of Omari Reality-Bashir

Mad Props to Brian Pritchett and Omari Reality-Bashir. 

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