Friday, August 23, 2019

Makeba & Skratch - Mental Fitness LP - 2019

LP - 2019 - Dope Folks Records 

Dope Folks Records are back with their 97th release, the Makeba & Skratch "Mental Fitness" LP which was originally released in 1991 on Nuff Said Records. 

350 Copies only (100 colored vinyl / 250 standard black vinyl)
Pre-Order : Colored Vinyl / Black Vinyl 

... CD coming soon via Gentleman's Relief Records

Album Review : Tim Dog - Penicilin On Wax - 1991

LP - 1991 - Ruffhouse Records

From The Source - January 1992 

Kevin Keith & The Dirty Dozen 105.9 WNWK - Jan 29, 1994

Kevin Keith & The Dirty Dozen 105.9 WNWK January 29, 1994

? - Kevin Keith & The Dirty Dozen Promo
Nas - NY state of Mind
Kurious - Tear Shit Up
The UMC’s - Staten Island Comes First
Yaggfu Front - Frontline
YG’z - Street Nigga (Pete Rock Remix)
Down South - Southern Comfort
Talk Break
Down South Interview
Down South Freestyle
Talk Break
Shyheim - One’s 4 Da Money
Intelligent Hoodlum - Streetlife
Wu-Tang Clan - Method Man Remix
Down South - Open Sesame
Strickly Roots feat Fat Joe, Grand Puba & Chill Will F.T.E. - Beg No Friends
Casual feat A-Plus - That’s How It Is Pt II
Talk Break
Casual & Domino Interview 
Casual & Domino Freestyle
Talk Break

Mad Props to DJ Eclispe for the upload.

Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito - ?? - ?? - 1992 - WKCR

Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito - ?? - ?? - 1992 - WKCR 

Nubian Crackers - Two For The Time
Blunted Dummies feat The Runaway Slaves - Sunshine 
Freestyle Fellowship - My Fantasy
Organized Konfusion - Audience Pleasers
Boogie Down Productions - Questions & Answers
Naughty By Nature - Thankx For Sleepwalking
EPMD - It’s Going Down
MC Lyte - 10% Dis Remix
A Tribe Called Quest - Excursions
The UMC’s - Swing It To The Area (Side Show Bob Recreation)
Chi Ali - Let The Horns Blow feat. Dres, Trugoy, Al Tariq, Phife Dawg
Cypress Hill - Stoned is The Way
Smooth Movement - The Adventure
Gang Starr - Take It Personal
Justice League (Da Ghetto Communicator & Bonz Malone) - '92 S&B Freestyle
Supercat - Don Dada" (Hip Hop Remix) / Blend Mix
Nice & Smooth - Pump It Up 
Jazzie Joint - Pump Pump (Let It Flow Mix)
Pete Rock & CL Smooth - T.R.O.Y 
The Future Sound - Lady / What's A Bro To Do ?

Mad Props to HecticEclectic for the upload.

Video : The Good People feat. A-F-R-O & Termanology - Sidewalk Barbecue - 2019

Music video for "Sidewalk Barbecue" by The Good People featuring AFRO & Termanology, off their "The Summer EP" released earlier this year. Video directed by Shock B.

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Carta' P. & Parental - A Beautiful Mess 2xLP - 2019

"Carta’ P. aka “The Obvious Wonder” who hails from the talent rich city of Mount Vernon, NY debuts with his full length solo album “A Beautiful Mess”. 

In collaboration with french producer Parental, the two combine to mix melodic samples, strong baselines and infectious drums in conjunction with stories about women, relationships, life as an adult, money, children and family. The combination of Parental and Carta’ P. help produce a sound very similar to the 90’s “Golden Era of Hip Hop”. 

The entire project was produced by Parental and written by Carta’ P. over the span of two years. The two musical juggernauts collaborated and recorded over twenty songs together. Throughout the project, you can hear the musical chemistry along with the development of the album. 

Carta’ P. is part of the hip hop underground group ADAGIO! from the mid to late 90’s. A lot of the same musical influences and lyrical creativity from ADAGIO! can be heard through this latest collaboration."  

Written & Performed by Carta' P. (B. Pritchett), except "Too Many (Remix)" by Carta' P. & Breeze Brewin' (P. Smith)

All tracks produced by Parental (R. Besikian), except "Zoo" by Lex (de Kalhex) [A. Besikian]. Scratches [Cuts]: DJ Boo. Guitar [Additionnal]: Ferdinand Cros
Artwork: RVB / Photography: Yann "L'œil" Cressent

300 copies only ...
Pre-orders : HHV / Bandcamp

Equal Writes / Organized Konfusion in The Source - 1997

From The Source - September 1997 

The X Vandals - 2 All My People / It Feels - 1996

12" - 1996 - Skullz Ent.

Here is something released in 1996 on Skullz Entertainment by the X Vandals from NYC, duo consisted of L.Suarez aka Moe Devious and R.Dark aka Infamous Dreds which is now known under the name of Firstworld Seven. The 12" is composed of 2 tracks titled "2 All my People" on the A-Side and "It Feels" on the B-Side. Both tracks are available in their Underground and Radio versions, everything fully produced by Devious and Infamous Dreds for Backbone Entertainment. 

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

The Vibe Drops - Higher Frequency ft Rita J / Breaking It Down 7" - 2019

7" - 2019 - Trad Vibe Records 

For those who don't know, The Vibe Drops is a hip-hop duo who consists of The Toronto-based Emcee "G Roc" Gayle and the French producer DJ Moar. This is their first 7" vinyl release "Higher Frequency" Featuring Rita J  & "Breaking It Down" Featuring Jean Louis Potin on Flute. Both tracks are taken from the forthcoming album "Higher Frequency" LP which will be available soon in Vinyl, K7, CD & Digital format with the help of the French label Trad Vibe Records. 

200 copies only ... 

Sheepskins / Black Sheep in The Source - February 1992

From The Source - February 1992 - Scans courtesy of Babylon Falling 

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Guy Grams & Raf Almighty - The Almighty Grams - 2019

Raf Almighty of Dirt Platoon and Baltimore-based emcee Guy Grams teamed up to form The Almighty Grams. Their debut self-titled EP "The Almighty Grams" is now available for Digital Download only. 

1. Eighth
2. Stale Biskets
3. Four Twenties
4. Submachine Gun Rap
5. Written in Mud
6. Consiglieres

Mental Giants - '93 Stretch & Bobbito Show Freestyle - WKCR

On December 02nd 1993, Mental Giants members Akbar and DJ Parker Lee from Chicago were invited for a freestyle session by Stretch & Bobbito. Akbar and Parker Lee were with a third guy named AJ but I don't know if he was affiliated to the group at that time. Enjoy ! 

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Invisible King / Album Review : O.C - Jewelz - 1997

From The Source - September 1997 

Kwote - List Worthy? - 2019

Tunnel Movement member Kwote put out his last solo project which is composed of 10 tracks produced by B-Side, Akt One, Madic, Loost Beats, Weirdo, A1NE and featuring Wyld Bunch & Verbal Threat.  

Video : Inspectah Deck - Cant Stay Away - 2019

Video for "Cant Stay Away", second single recently released by Inspectah Deck, off his last album titled "Chamber No. 9". 

The Hip Hop Spot w. WildMan Steve & DJ Riz - Aug 16th 1994 - WBAU

The Hip Hop Spot w. WildMan Steve & DJ Riz on 90.3 FM WBAU - Interview w/ Organized Konfusion 8-16-1994

"This show goes back 25 years ago to the day that Organized Konfusion released their second album "Stress: The Extinction Agenda"! Riz, starts the show off with Terence Trent Darby "Sign Your Name"! Riz, went in with the Dope Blends of hot joints and playing Classics! Riz, was the influence to start Old School Flava Night w. Troy Swift! Riz, had me really open that night!! Westbury Legend Big Father Marv R.I.P. was in the building that night to talk about Westbury Day! We then interview Organized Konfusion We talk about the Music industry and their thoughts of the Music Business! We also talked about the Late Great Dave Funkenklein R.I.P. who did so much for Hip Hop and so many people myself included! Riz, plays their new single Stress after the song ends I play their joint "Memories Of Love" when they were A.K.A. STP Simply Two Postive MC's! Which came out 7 years prior! They were surprised and had a good laugh They were the first Hip Hop group that I had interviewed on WBAU in 1987!!" - WildMan Steve

Terence Trent D’Arby - Sign Your Name Remix
Nice & Smooth - Return of the Hip-Hop Freaks
Total Devastation - Wonderful World of Skins (Diamond D’s Mix)
Shyheim - Here Come The Hits
Flatlinerz - Live Evil
Double Dee & Steinski - The Payoff Mix
Armand Van Helden - Word Up Doc
Blackalicious - Lyric Fathom
Gravediggaz - Defective Trip (Trippin’)
Organized Konfusion - Why
Shorty Long - Shortys Doing His Own Thing
Lord Finesse - S.K.I.T.S 
Talk Break
O.C - Time’s Up Remix
Pete Rock & C.L Smooth - I Got A love
GZA - I Gotcha Back
Bas Blasta feat Godfather Don, Juju, Lord Finesse & Fat Joe - The Rythm
Scientifik - Lawtown
Outkast - Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik
Talk Break
Organized Konfusion Interview 
Organized Konfusion - Stress
Organized Konfusion Interview
Artifacts - C’Mon Wit Da Git Down
Technical Difficulties / Talk Break
Artifacts - C’Mon Wit Da Git Down
M.O.P - Downtown Swingga 


The Belgian Record Label "Hip Hop Enterprise" recently dropped 3 new CD projects to celebrate the label's 1 year anniversary :
- Dyce - Rare & Unreleased (The 90's Sessions)
- Phantom Blade - Beware the Phantom Blade
- Ill Conscious - Logistix

HHE has put together a special priced CD bundle of all 3 new CD projects. Dyce - Rare & Unreleased (The 90's Sessions) is also the only one project available on vinyl (Dual Colour Vinyl (100 copies) & Standard Black vinyl (200 copies)). 

LP / CD - 2019 - Hip-Hop Enterprise 

01 - Jazzy Intro 
02 - Mind Blowin
03 - Ghettofunknikular
04 - Beg 4 Da
05 - Open Eyes
06 Mari'Juana
07 - Lessons 
08 - Madd Sexx
09 - Vibe
10 - Gimme Mines
11 - Rhymin High 
12 - One Two
13 - Hook On You
14 - Blak 2 Blak
15 - Da Foundation
16 - Family Ties
17 - You Better Believe
18 - Street Love
19 - My Fiend

300 copies only !
Listen Here 

CD - 2019 - Hip-Hop Enterprise 

01 - Abrahamic Authors
02 - In The S.T.R.E.E.T.S. feat. Jay Royale
03 - Supreme Soloist
04 - The Coronation feat. Code Nine
05 - Renaissance feat. Ice Lord & AA Rashid 
06 - Drop A Jewel feat. Recognize Ali, Sage Infinite & DJ TMB 
07 - Represent To The Fullest 
08 - 295 feat. J Scienide & DJTMB 
09 - Caviar feat. Supreme Cerebral, Jamil Honesty & DJ Grazzhoppa
10 Self Savior feat. DJ Goadman 
11 - Represent To The Fullest Remix 
12 - Supreme Soloist Remix

300 copies only !
Listen Here 
 Order Here  

CD - 2019 - Hip-Hop Enterprise 

01 - Oculus 
02 - Night Falls on Metropolis 
03 - Clockwork Orange 
04 - Fibonacci 
05 - Face Off 
06 - Phantom & the Blade 
08 - Riki-Oh 
09 - Hellboy Fist 
10 - Know My Name 
11 - Me, Tu & Another MF 
12 - The Filibuster 
13 - Words of Wisdom 
14 - Question Marks 
15 - Lessons 
16 - Phantom & the Blade (Remix)

Listen Here  
Order Here  

Kyo Itachi x Skanks - Unapologetic - 2019

CD - 2019 - Shinigamie Records 

 The hyper prolific french beatmaker Kyo Itachi and the Crown heights-based emcee Skanks The Rap Martyr teamed up again and are back with a new project titled "Unapologetic", featuring Ruste Juxx, D.V. Alias Khryst, Bankai Fam, Milez Grimez, Marquee, Nowaah The Flood, Da Flyy Hoolygan, Muja Messiah, Forever Chosen and Remo Williamz. 

Only available on CD and Digital format...

Friday, August 16, 2019

Citizen Kane - Structure Foundation 7" - 2019

7" - 2019 - Treehouse Records (Photo courtesy of Rarekind Records)

The first Citizen Kane's single "Structure Foundation (What's The Plan)" originally released in 1996 is now available on limited 7" vinyl, repressed with the help of Treehouse Records. It's available on standard black vinyl and limited silver edition vinyl (via Discogs). 

A - Structure Foundation (What's The Plan)
B - Structure Foundation (What's The Plan) (Instrumental)

Order : Rarekind Records / Discogs  

Blu & Damu The Fudgemunk - Ground & Water - 2019

EP - 2019 - Redefinition Records 

"Ground & Water" is the brand new project released by Blu and Damu the Fudgemunk. This 8-Track EP released on limited edition colored vinyl is now available for pre-order. It's certainly one of the best releases of the week... Don't sleep !!!!

" “Like all my releases, most of which are instrumental, I wanted the music to tell a story. With Blu being the voice, he set the tone for us both to bring this to life.”—Damu The Fudgemunk on his new project with Blu, Ground & Water 

With Ground & Water, Blu and Damu The Fudgemunk have released yet another standout project as part of their already-incredibly noteworthy catalogues. But this time, they’ve done it together. After collaborating in different ways over the years, the two joined forces for a release that’s every bit as dope as you’d hope considering who’s involved. From the Los Angeles rapper’s tight-as-ever rhymes to the Washington, D.C. native’s crunchy production, Ground & Water captures exactly why Blu and Damu are so revered. 

For Damu, that meant diving into the storied discography of his new partner-in-rhyme. While the producer always thought highly of the emcee’s talents, he says he realized that Blu’s much greater than people give him credit for. That led to the excitement of creating Ground & Water, because Damu knew he’d get to tell a story through a cohesive release. The story is one that treads personal, introspective territory that Blu delivers like only he can. 

On standout track “Share The Love,” Blu and guest Raw Poetic (one of Damu’s frequent collaborators) tackle the dusty, meditative production with thoughtful raps about wanting to see the world in a better place with inspirational lines like, "Stop being so tight, and be more lovable/ I guarantee more opportunities open up for you." Similarly, Blu bares his soul on instant highlights “Feet on the Ground,” “Rhymes & Gemstones,” and “Greyheaven." His verses take a deep dive into relatable topics like faith, guilt, spirituality, humility, and so much more, proving that his pen game is as sharp as ever. 

“When you listen to the lyrics and digest the subject matter, there's a lot of depth in his words,” Damu says of his collaborator. “I wanted to provide a similar depth in the music.” To say he matched Blu’s efforts would be an understatement, which you could find out for yourself right now, by heading over to your preferred digital retailer or streaming platform and giving the project a spin. The project, whose stunning artwork is designed by the legendary Joe Buck (De La Soul is Dead), will also be available in the coming weeks on vinyl, CD and cassette, through Redefinition Records." - Redefinition Records

Shipping Date : Around October 25th 2019

Thursday, August 15, 2019

20 Records - My Life / Times Is Hard

12" - 1998 /1999 - 20 Records Inc.  

Here is something for the hip-hop vinyl diggers ... This wax seems to be very rare and honestly I've never heard of this 12" until Indie Cratez uploaded the tracks on his Youtube Channel a few month ago this year. 
 The 12" came out on 20 Records and certainly around 1998-1999 according to the lyrics (he mentions several times '98 and '99). The artist is totally unknown... but his name seems to be 20 Mac ("20 Mac is officially back" at the beginning of "Times Is Hard") or maybe 20 Mad. 

If anyone has got any other info about this cat, please let me know...we could try to find him... The Hunt is open !! Peace