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Secret Invasion - The Unknown Zone - 1994

12" - 1994 - BZ Music Recording 

Let's talk about this hip-hop duo named Secret Invasion. In 1994, they released their first and only 12" called 'the Unknown Zone' on BZ Music Recording, a record label managed by Tom Mulreaney. Last time I saw their wax for sale on ebay, it was in 2017 and it was sold for 1225 US$... crazy... isn't it ? 

For those who don't know Secret Invasion, it consisted of David Charles aka Righteous and Myron Brinkley aka Profet, hailing from North West Philadelphia, Pottstown PA also known as P-Town. 

All the tracks of the 12" were produced by Tyrell Wilkerson aka Blade and Todd Wright aka Cheese. I've been lucky to talk with David Charles recently and he gave me more details about their story. 

Righteous : "Everything in the group started from Myron Brinkley. Myron was called the profet, he was one of the most popular rappers in the Pottstown area. Myron was a writer and he was also a thinker and a reader. Myron was a solo rap artist, I was a local dancer in the Pottstown community. I had a passion for dancing  and some rapping.. I heard Myron was the best out there.. so me and a friend name Ernston Clemons approached Myron at a local community center called the Ricketts center... we asked to audition for him to be his dancers... he told us to meet him at his house on Monday of the next week... so we left and practiced to get ready for the audition. Monday came and we went to Myron’s house. We auditioned and he said cool. You guys are good. Let’s do this.

So after that, we started to try to book shows at different places in the tri state area... Philadelphia, Maryland and Jersey etc... but we needed a name to promote... we thought about it a lot, and because we were from the suburbs 30 minutes outside of Philadelphia, we thought our talent was kept secret. But we knew we had something special and we thought we would invade the world with our sound. So everywhere we went, people liked what we did but they never heard of Pottstown. So we settled on the name 'Secret Invasion'.

Myron became a huge influence on my life in every way. A mentor, best friend, a brother. But it wasn’t until my sophomore year in high school that Myron asked me to write a rap. I was like no I’m not a rapper I’m a dancer. He said you’ve been around me long enough write a rap. So I did and it was called 'Scotty I don’t want none'. This was about saying no to doing drugs. Where we come from People strung out on drugs, alcohol, crack... Everything you could think of. So 'Scotty I don’t want none' came from probably thinking about old KRS and BDP sayings of beam me up to Scotty.

I wrote the rap in between Myron’s first verse and last verse. Myron likes it and then he said your my partner for now on... so I started rapping more. That’s how Secret Invasion and the name really came about... when I started rapping with him... We were officially a group. 
Tyrell and Todd Wright were a few years older than Myron and myself. Tyrell was a local producer and beat maker. We all looked up Tyrell because he may beat on MPC and other forms of making tracks. He had a long history of working with different artist and a local town called Norristown Pennsylvania. So we all knew of Tyrell and his nickname was Blade... because he could scratch records. Tyrell was like a local beat making celebrity in our area.

Todd was the local hip-hop head and was also my cousin. He had a ear for music as well. We brought Todd in to help with remixing the songs. Everyone new of each other and liked each other, this project just gave us a chance to work together.

Todd and Tyrell weren’t part of the group... the group was more Myron and myself but blade was a huge part of everything we did, he was the one who made our tracks... blade and a guy named Rex were the ones who helped us to start producing records. Rex played keys and was good with-sounds and laying things down... Rex and Blade were like best friends... that’s where our sound originated from Rex and Blade.

Pottstown is not that big, We probably live 2 to 3 miles from each other maybe even a mile. Pottstown is a small suburb 30 mins from Philadelphia. 22,000 people, maybe more back then.. but there was one area called downtown which was 2 miles east of the place we called Penn Village. I was born and raised in Penn Village which is a housing project, more low income. A lot of us came from that area and then migrated downtown to more single homes or row homes.We all lived downtown during the time of this creation of 'Unknown Zone'."

Mad Props to David Charles, thanks for your time !

Casual - Demo Sessions - 2019

EP - 2019 - Dope Folks Records 

"Our 94th release is from Legendary Bay Area MC / Hieroglyphics member, CASUAL! Casual's "Demo Sessions" features 6 tracks from Casual's vaults recorded between 1991 -1992, all pre-dating his classic Debut LP "Fear Itself." This is the first time these tracks have officially been available on wax. Taken from the original tapes, we got the best possible existing versions of all of these tracks, and remastered them for this vinyl release. " - Dope Folks Records 

500 copies only ... (100 Red Colored Vinyl / 400 Standard Black Vinyl)
Orders : Red / Black 

El Da Sensai - Feel This 7" - 2019

7" - 2019 - Backatcha Records

"Previously unreleased from the Skye archives (1998) 'Feel This' is a collaboration between London producer Skye and Newark's El Da Sensai, mastered and available for the first time on 7" with vocal and instrumental versions.
The second in a series of Skye sessions on Backatcha, this single also comes with label art by Dan 'Duce' Lish illustrated exclusively for this release. Produced by Skye in his native East London studio, this track is one of many he collaborated on with fellow hip-hop heads from across the pond during this period." - Backatcha Records

A - Feel This (Vocal)
B - Feel This (Instrumental)

200 Copies Only ...

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Prince Paul in Rap Pages - 1999

From Rap Pages - May 1999 - Scans courtesy of Tim Burton  

Chi-Ali - Let The Horns Blow / Funky Lemonade - 1992

12" - 1992 - Relativity  

3rd single released by the Fabulous Chi-Ali in 1992. The wax is pretty cheap and contains the excellent remix version of "Funky Lemonade" produced by the Beatnuts. No doubt the B-Side wins for this 12", the production done by the Queens based duo is mad dope. It contains samples of "Down Here on the Ground" performed by Grant Green and "Submission" performed by Tyrone Washington.

On the A-side, you can listen to "Let The Horns Blow" which is also produced by the Beatnuts and featuring Dres, Phife Dawg and Trugoy The Dove. This version is a little bit different from the original version ... it is without Fashion's verse and contains Chi-Ali's new verse.

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About 2 Blow / Album Review : Defari - Focused Daily - 1999

From Rap Pages - January 1999 - Scans courtesy of Tim Burton

Advert courtesy of Stephfreshnews

Grown Man Rap Show - Episode 198 - Tribute to King Tee

Hosted by veteran DJ Toast and broadcast live every Sunday night 10pm-12 midnight (ET) from 91.5 WRPI (Albany NY), Toast brings you 2 hours of the best in vintage & contemporary true school Hip Hop. 
This is Episode 198 - Tribute to King Tee - DJ Toast - originally aired on January 13, 2019

West Coast All-Stars “We’re All in the Same Gang” (1990)
King Tee “At Your Own Risk (Buddha Mix)” (1990)
King Tee, MC Eiht & Dresta “Straight Outta Compton” (1998)
King Tee “Bass (original)” (1987)
King Tee f. Alkaholiks “Bus Dat Ass” (1992)
Juvenile Style f. King Tee “5th in the Trunk” (1994)
King Tee “King Tee’s Beer Stand” (1992)
King Tee f. DJ Pooh “Supa Nigga” (1994)
King Tee “Skanless” (1990)
Ice-T “You Played Yourself (Remix)” (1989)
Mad Kap f. King Tee & Alkaholiks “Check It Out (Oh Phuck Me Right)” (1993)
King Tee “Black Together Again (Marley Marl Remix)” (1992)
King Tee “Duck” (1994)
Lou Donaldson “Ode to Billie Joe” (1967)
King Tee f. Alkaholiks “Got I Bad Y’All” (1992)
King Tee “Act a Fool” (1988)
Nefertiti f. King Tee “Trouble in Paradise” (1994)
Alkaholiks f. King Tee “Likwit” (1993)
King Tee f. MC Breeze & Mix Master Spade “Just Clowning” (1988)
King Tee f. DJ Pooh “Ko Rock Stuff” (1988)
Mix Master Spade & Compton Posse “Genius is Back” (1988)
King Tee & DJ Pooh “The Bomb Malt Liquor (St. Ides)”
King Tee “Ruff Rhyme (Back Again)” (1990)
King Tee “3 Strikes Ya Out” (1994)
Masta Ace f. King Tee & J-Ro “P.T.A.” (2001)
Nas f. King Tee “Where Are They Now (West Coast)” (2007)
King Tee “Take You Home” (1990)
Alkaholiks f. King Tee “Funny Style” (1997)
Xzibit f. King Tee “Positively Negative” (1996)
King Tee “Guitar Playin’” (1988)
King Tee f. Ice Cube & MC Breeze “Played Like a Piano” (1990)
King Tee “Tha Great” (1992)
King Tee f. Nikke Nicole “Let’s Get It On” (1994)
RC f. King Tee “Fame” (1996)
Kool G Rap f. King Tee “Nuthin’ Has Changed” (1998)
Alkaholiks f. King Tee & Xzibit “Louis XIII” (2012)
King Tee f. Xzibit, Mr. Silky Slim & Butch Cassidy “Still in Business” (2012)
Rampage f. King Tee “It Ain’t Easy”
DJ EFN f. King Tee, Kurupt & Fashawn “Selfish”
DJ Muggs f. King Tee & Xzibit “You Better Believe” (2000)
Marco Polo f. King Tee, MC Eiht & DJ Revolution “West Coast Love” (2013)
King Tee f. Dr. Dre “Money” (1998)

Props to Dj Toast 

Mad Raw - Mad Raw LP - 2019

LP - 2019 - Daily Concept  

Mad Raw consists of DAM (Chezz&DAM) and WARPATH from Germany. Their LP is composed of 13 tracks produced by Soulmade, Hubert and Mehmet, and is released via the German label Daily Concept. 

Release Date : 04th March 2019

Sunday, January 13, 2019

The Story of Rawkus Ent.

From Stress Magazine - March / April 1998 - Scans courtesy of Tim Burton  

Outlaw Posse - My Afros On Fire Vol​.​2 LP - 2019

LP - 2019 - Hip Hop Be Bop Records 

UK legends the Outlaw Posse (Kgee & Mc Bello.B) are back with something from the vaults "My Afros On Fire Vol 2" which was recorded in 1993. The unreleased album is coming very soon on Hip Hop Be Bop Records with a proper vinyl release. Artwork is done by Mr. Krum. 

Coming soon in February ... stay tuned !! 

The Awesome Two (Special K & Teddy Tedd) - August 7, 1993 - WNWK

The Awesome Two (Special K & Teddy Tedd) 105.9 WNWK August 7, 1993

Original Flavor - Can I Get Open
Talk Break
Nubian Crackers Beat ?
Private Investigators Feat Daddy Russian - Mash Up The Mic
Nice & Smooth - Cash in my Hands
Talk Break
De La Soul - Break It Down
Illegal feat Erick Sermon - We Getz Buzy
LL Cool J - 1-900 LL Cool J
Cypress Hill - When the Ship Goes Down
Talk Break
ED OG & Da Bulldogs - Streets of The Ghetto
KRS One - Brown Skin Woman
Talk Break
Pete Rock & CL Smooth - One in a Million 
Talk Break
Jungle Brothers - 40 Below Trooper
Nubian Crakers - Yes Yes Yall, You Don’t Stop
Intelligent Hoodlum - Role Model 
Raw Breed - Rabbit Stew
Talk Break with Raw Breed - Interview
Tha Alkaholiks - Only When I’m Drunk 

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BlackMajik - Introducin' The BlackMajik - 1996

EP - 1996 - Subrosa Record

 "Introducin' The BlackMajik" EP was released in 1996 by an emcee hailing from Queens, NY named BlackMajik. This is a 6-track EP produced by BlackMajik himself and released on the UK based label Subrosa Record, owned by Nick Harris. The rap pioneer Glenn 'Sweety G' Toby who was the executive producer of the EP, was supposed to tell me the full story about how he signed BlackMajik but it seems he changed his mind and doesn't want to share it now ... no need to say that it is very frustrated... Anyway, the wax was recorded at Funky Slice Studios in Fort Greene Brooklyn and the EP features BlackMajik's partners Lord Emega, Baby Beretta, Cologne Gotti, Divine Culture, Ill Will and Justice, all members of the DU Fam. This is the only 12" released by BlackMajik... he disappeared from the Hip-Hop scene after that...

About 2 Blow : Choclair

From Rap Pages - January 1999 - Scan courtesy of Tim Burton 

Mixtape : DJ Koco, DJ Tus-one, Ryuhei The Man ‎- Extra! Extra! - 2013

1 Ultimate Choice / I Got The Feeling
2 Cobra Mcees / The M-Go
3 Ultramagnetic Mc's / Feelin It
4 Ub / Freestyle
5 Cia / Only The Strong Survives
6 Dj Format / Classic Breaks Instrumental
7 Mic Fresh / I Make It Funky
8 D-Smooth / Don't Sleep On This
9 T-Abel Cachet / Dead Dreams
10 Priority One / I Can't Go For That
11 45 King / The King Is Here
12 Dj Doom, Nutso, Large Pro, El Da Sensei & Tony Touch / It's Jut Begun
13 Young Senators / Ringing Bells 
14 Decisions / You Look Like An Angel
15 Sso Orchestra / Faded Lady
16 Mad Lads / "Gone"! The Promises Of Yesterday
17 Ruby Andrews / You Made A Believer (Out Of Me)
18 Billy Garner / I Got Some
19 Jeanne & The Darlings / Soul Gir
20 Temptations / I Need You
21 Jr Bailey / After Hours
22 Sam Dees / Just As Sure
23 Orquesta Esencia / Carnaval
24 Ohmega Watts / Saywhayusay
25 Hypnotic Brass Ensemble / Fire 
26 Jungle Fire / Comencemos 
27 Funky President / Clap Your Hands
28 Reginald Milton & The Soul Jets / Clap Your Hands
29 Ruckus Roboticus / Lesson 7 
30 Jimmy Castor Bunch / It's Just Begun
31 Nuyorican Soul / Mind Fluid Pt.1
32 Original Tropicana Steel Drum Band / Spanish Hustle 
33 Horn Band / Pink Styrofoam Pt.1
34 Lonnie Liston Smith / Expansions

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Tyranny & Tone - Playtime Is Over LP - 2019

LP - 2019 - Hip-Hop Enterprise 

" Tyranny and Tone "Playtime Is Over", this 1995 hip hop single was produced by Noiseman. The project represents the 1st initial work between Tyranny, Tone and Noiseman. Operating from a Bay Area based studio, the three recorded S.T.E.P.H. Short for Stephanie, the song is a lyrical nod to relationship situations. Playtime Is Over was later recorded in 1995 at a new studio location. 

The signature sound created during these recordings, helped to shape the flavor you hear on the B Flatt "Back to Basics" album. This single got picked up by Hip-Hop Enterprise in March 2018. A hip hop record label out of Belgium. They will release 300 12" vinyl records in 2019. There will be at least 3 bonus tracks on the vinyl release, that are not contained on the CD." - Big Noise Radio

300 copies only (100 coloured vinyl and 200 black vinyl)
Dropping March 2019 on Hip-Hop Enterprise ... Stay tuned Fellas !!!

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DJ 3rd Rail Presents T-Max - Tell Me What The Truth Is - 2018

12" - 2018 - Subway Hip-Hop Records 

DJ 3rd Rail and Subway Hip Hop Records present their fifth 12" single featuring the Boston emcee T-Max. The new 12" single "Tell Me What The Truth Is / Bless The Apparatus" features 2 remixes for each song and instrumental versions for all vocals, with productions done by the Freestyle Professors, DJ Tren of Street Wyze, DJ Diamond Kut of Chicago, DJ 3rd Rail & Padawan. 

200 copies only ...

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Gang Starr in Pound Magazine - 2003

From Pound Magazine - #16 March/ April 2003 - Scans courtesy of Tim Burton  

The Diary Volume 1.5 ‘Twenty Years of the Remix’ (10th Anniversary Expanded Edition)

"Ten years ago I put together a ‘remixtape’ as a follow up of sorts to ‘The Diary’ (at the time my most popular mixtape by a country mile). The concept expands on the chronology theme of the original, this time concentrating on trends in production: one iconic track from each year between 1989 and 2009, remixed in tribute to the popular production styles of the original year of release, from the James Brown influenced style of the late 80s and the jazz inflected styles of the early 90s to the unique sounds of producers Buckwild, Jay Dee, DJ Premier and others. For this 10th Anniversary expanded edition I’ve added ten additional tracks I put together around the same time that were not included on the original CD, many of them never before on Mixcloud." - Chris Read 

1. Theme #3 (Intro) – Chris Read
2. We Got Our Own Thang (Chris Read Remix) – Heavy D & The Boyz
3. Rhythm Is The Master (Chris Read Remix) – DJ Kool Chip & Chuck Chillout
4. Let the Rhythm Hit Em (Chris Read Remix) – Eric B & Rakim
5. Hip Hop Junkies (Chris Read Remix) – Nice & Smooth
6. Poppa Large (Chris Read Remix) – Ultramagnetic MCs
7. Passin’ Me By (Chris Read Remix) – The Pharcyde
8. Iz U Wit Me? (Chris Read Remix) – Da Youngstas
9. Rock On (Chris Read Remix) – Funkdoobiest
10. Shook Ones Part II (Chris Read Remix) – Mobb Deep
11. Bomdigi (Chris Read Remix) – Erick Sermon
12. World Famous (Chris Read Remix) – MOP
13. Woo Hah Got You All In Check (Chris Read Remix) – Busta Rhymes
14. Runnin’ (Chris Read Remix) – The Pharcyde
15. Off The Books (Chris Read Remix) – The Beatnuts
16. The Trifest (Chris Read Remix) – DJ Honda feat The Beatnuts
17. Better (Chris Read Remix) – Unspoken Heard
18. Car Horn (Chris Read Remix) – Common
19. Quality Control (Chris Read Remix) – Jurassic 5
20. Love is Gone (Chris Read Remix) – Jaz O & Immobilaire
21. The Way You Do It (Chris Read Remix) – Little Brother
22. Whatever You Say (Chris Read Remix) – Little Brother
23. Raw (Chris Read Remix) – Checkmate feat Concise & Royce 5’9
24. Pause (Chris Read Remix) – Jay Dee feat Frank & Dank
25. Always (Chris Read Remix) – Kev Brown
26. Kick Push (Chris Read Remix) – Lupe Fiasco
27. Life of the Party (Chris Read Remix) – Little Brother feat Carlitta Durand
28. I Need You (Chris Read Remix) – Darien Brockington feat Little Brother
29. Ladder of Success (Chris Read Remix) – DJ KO feat Phonte, Masta Ace, Wordsworth & K Hill