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LAW - Lethal Assault Weapons Pt. 1 - 1995

EP - 1995 - Sunset Blvd Ent. 

LAW a.k.a Lyricits At War released that "Lethal Assault Weapons Pt. 1" EP on Sunset Blvd Entertainment in 1995. This is a 6-track EP, sampler of their full debut album released on CD and Cassette the same year. 

The Crew is composed of 11 cats hailing from LA (1600 Carmona Blocc a.k.a Carmona Avenue) : Mr Fritenite, Dainjah, Ambush, Waar, Ace Da Bounty Hunta, Masta Black, Warlock, Xaqshuna, Synista, Keif Naps and Siiix 6 Siiix. 
All the tracks of the Lethal syde (A-Side) and the Assault syde (B-Side) are produced by Waar, Synista and Siiix 6 Siiix for 3rd Rage Productions. 
Put away all your West Coast Rap clichés, the style is far away from all the West Coast anthems or videos with girls, booze and pool parties... this is strictly hardcore shit !!! The wax is pretty cheap so you should definitely put it on your shelf without a doubt.

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Demo Tape : The Ruph Headz

Here is a Demo tape review of the Brooklyn based group The Ruph Headz (Raw Universal Pot Heads dat stay High Everyday All Day Zonin), written in Beat Down Magazine in 1996 (Scan courtesy of my homie Fred Thecle). They're talking about 2 unknown Ruph Headz tracks, named "Ruff Headz" and "Puff Da La" which are not on their different wax released in 1995 and in 1996. I've asked to all the tape diggers around me but no one have this demo tape... so I hope someone has got that tape in his stash and could unearth these demos... Please let me know if you own It !!! 

Friday, October 19, 2018

Interview : Local Skills - Stedy Serv

From Caught In The Middle #1 - 1994 

The Halftime Show w/DJ Riz & DJ Eclipse - June 17th 1998 - 89.1 WNYU

The Halftime Show w/DJ Riz & DJ Eclipse 89.1 WNYU June 17, 1998

The Halftime Show Intro
Bee Why - G.A.T.S
Da Team - Cash and Riches 
Def Squad - Countdown
Self Scientific feat Don Crisis & Lao Fe - Sublevel Dominance
Eclipse feat Arcee - World Premiere
Diezzle Don & Tha Govna feat Redman - Ghetto Red Hot
Marley Marl Ft. Tragedy Khadafi & Iman Thug - The Bridge 2000
D.B.D feat PMD - Code Red
Scaramanga feat Godfather Don - Special Efx
Lord Digga - My flow Is Tight
Paula Perry - Extra Extra
A Tribe Called Quest - Find A Way
Talk Break
Missin’ Linx - M.I.A 
Xzibit - What U See Is What U Get 
Black Moon - War Zone
Onyx feat Noreaga & Big Pun - Shut ‘Em Down Remix
Tony Touch - Target Practice
Gang Starr - The Rep Growz Bigga 
Self Scientific - Return
Show & AG feat Big L, Lord Finesse & OC - Dignified Soldiers
Lootpack - The Anthem
Murder Inc - Murdergram
B.A. Xcaliba - No Retreat No Surender
Show & AG feat OC, D-Flow & Party Artie - Themes, Schemes & Dreams
Show & AG feat D-Flow and Party Artie - Q & A
Dynasty - Wildcat
Def Squad feat Biz Markie - Rhymin’ Wit’ Biz
Lootpack feat Defari and Tha Alkaholiks - Likwit Fusion
The High & Mighty feat Evidence - Top Prospects
Pumpkinhead feat Makin' Records Family - Dynamic Remix
Show & AG - Spit Instrumental
Talk Break with Sir Menelik
Sir Menelik Freestyle
Sir Menelik Interview
Sir Menelik feat. A.L. Skillz & A-Butta - At You
Nuthouse - A Luv Supream Instrumental
Sir Menelik Interview

Props to DJ Eclipse 

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Crooks Of Da Round Table ‎- Day By Day, Knight By Knight / Mind Over Matter - 1996

12" - 1996 - Juice Records

Here is a 12" released in 1996 by the Toronto based crew named Crooks Of Da Round Table. They were from Swansea Mews Housing Project, West End of Toronto, Canada.

This 12" was released on Juice Records and was the first single dropped by the group. The track "Day By Day, Knight by Knight" on the A-side (Day Side) was produced by Adrenaline and DJ Merlin a.k.a Scream. On the Flip side (Knight Side), the track "Mind Over Matter" was produced by Adrenaline and K-Nut who used for the instrumental a nice sample of the song "And I Love Him" released in 1965 and performed by Esther Phillips. 
Both tracks features KDB and King Con, 2 MCs who formed the group Criminal Shine before they became Crooks Of Da Round Table.

Criminal Shine : KDB - King Con & DJ Scream - Photo courtesy of KDB 

Crooks Of Da Round Table : KDB - King Con & DJ Scream - Photo courtesy of KDB 

2 years later, they formed the major group with other cats from their Neighborhood. Here is a full list of the crew members :
 Adam was DJ Merlin a.k.a Scream (DJ & Producer), Kevin was Theft and Adrian was Reckless a.k.a Romey, together they were "Young & the Reckless" (Both MC's). Jason was Crookid (MC), Mikey was Agent Hi Toe (MC), Dugan was Lexluther (MC), Zeus was Yatil Hassan a.k.a Lance alot a.k.a Langoleer (MC & Producer), Jammie was Veteran Investor (MC), Adrian Watson was Adrenaline the group's main producer. Donavan was Don Raja, he was the third member of Criminal Shine but didn't make it on record. Then there was Dark Junior and Light Junior, Truman the KDB... Marcel The King Con and DJ Brown Cow their second DJ. 

Photos courtesy of KDB 

Mad Props to Kdb BabylonWarchild Atrocity

Rap Family Trees : DJ Mark the 45 King

From Hip Hop Connection - April 1996 

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Southpaw Chop - Make the Cut ft. A​.​G. / Rhythm Roulette 7" - 2018

7" - 2018 - Southpaw Chop  

New 7" released by the Japan producer Southpaw Chop featuring the D.I.T.C member A.G on "Make The Cut". Limited edition 7" Vinyl is now available for purchase via Bandcamp. 


Tuesday, October 16, 2018

DJ Shige a.k.a. Headz3000 ‎- Fulltune 5 (Mid 90's Smooth Jazzy Mix)

Mixed CD - 2008 - Fulltune 

1 –DJ Shige Intro (Real Hip Hop) 
2 –Pete Rock & InI* Feat Small Ax Fakin Jax (Big Respect Remix) 
3 –Pauly Yams* & DJ Jazz Kickn' It 
4 –Pauly Yams* & DJ Jazz Lean Left, Lean Right 
5 –Snafu! Light (Remix) 
6 –499 Don't Categorize Me 
7 –Common Sense* Resurrection 
8 –Common Sense*, Mr. Skinz Resurrection (Narcotic Jazz Remix) 
9 –The Khromozomes* The L 
10 –Common Sense* Thisisme 
11 –DJ Shige 22 Years (Skit) 
12 –The Next Wavelength Push Came To Shove 
13 –Pal Joey Movin Up 
14 –Paul Ray (4) More Emotion 
15 –Ghetto Concept E-Z On The Motion 
16 –4th Quarter C-Notes & Grants (Remix) 
17 –Infinite Loop Earth Girl 
18 –Da Grass Roots Music* Living Underwater 
19 –Bound E! Hunters Breakitdown 
20 –Buddah Bazz Quote It 
21 –Puppets Of Chaos Tru Dat 
22 –Havoc (3), Mobb Deep, Kool G Rap, Big Noyd, MOP* Straight To Your Gut 
23 –Da Down N' Dirty Tribe* Mindtrix (Clipher Mental Mix) 
24 –Two Outta Millions For You 'N Yours 
25 –DJ Shige Check It Out Flow (Skit) 
26 –Money Boss Players What U Saying 
27 –South-Side Trip To The South-Side 
28 –Intelligent Hoodlum Street Life 
29 –Bound E! Hunters Da Hunters 
30 –Pal Joey Ah Baby 
31 –Da Uptown Vandals Vandals In The House (Big Bottom Mix) 
32 –Bigg Tabb* It's Nice Outside 
33 –Dalush & The Click Skeezer 
34 –Jay Sun* Ain't Havin' It (Club The Beat Mix) 
35 –Suspekt Blow Up (Remix) 
36 –Malik (Mad Lyrics)* No More 9 To 5

Props to DJ MP45

DJ Shige a.k.a. Headz3000 ‎- Fulltune 4 (Early 90's Killer New School Mix)

Mixed CD - 2007 - Fulltune 

1 –DJ Shige Intro 
2 –Lord Aaqil Kick It Like Dis 
3 –Beneficence Hostile Life Style 
4 –Flavor Rap Productions Can You Kick The Flavor 
5 –Skemen Under Pressure (Remix) 
6 –Da Grip Hop Off The Bandwagon 
7 –Tha Lowa Don't Crossover 
8 –Kaos (2) That's Why We Live, How We Live 
9 –Sons Of Sam (2) Oooh He Got An Afro 
10 –Exile Society* / LMO* I'd Rather Be Alone 
11 –Ill State Assassins Tha Lyricist (Remix) 
12 –Two Ruff* Confused 
13 –Beigels Daisy Toasts Freedom Jazz Dance (Underdog's Lox Mix) 
14 –MC Class* Hope You're Listening 
15 –Showbiz & A.G. He Say, She Say 
16 –Showbiz & A.G. He Say, She Say (Mad Phat Beats Mix) 
17 –Kevin 'The Blade' Gordon & Frank Z Funkay 
18 –Showbiz & A.G. Silence Of The Lambs (Remix) 
19 –Kevin 'The Blade' Gordon & Frank Z Blowin Up Da Spot 
20 –Lord Finesse & DJ Mike Smooth Funky Technician (What's The Flavor? Mix) 
21 –Flavor Rap Productions Act Like You Know 
22 –Halrazzers Here We Come 
23 –I-Cue Keepin' It On 
24 –Big L Devil's Son 
25 –ODB*, Big L Shimmy Shimmy Ya (Sparo's Mash Up Mix) 
26 –Kid Power Posse* No More Games 
27 –No Artist Props (Skit) 
28 –No Artist Puff & Lounge (Skit) 
29 –Geo & Ricochet* Steppin' On Roaches 
30 –Mr. Diesel & Feature The Newcomers 
31 –O.C. Time's Up (Bong Hit Mix) 
32 –Lord Aaqil Kid What's Ya Name 
33 –Peanuts Butter Wolf* The Chronicles (I Will Always Love H.E.R.) 
34 –New England Hip Hop Massive The Line Up 
35 –B.L.A.C.K. Black Is The Light 
36 –Raw Material (3) Teen Scream 
37 –T-Ratic Funk Train 
38 –Another Level You & Me 
39 –Souls Of Mischief 93 'til Infinity 
40 –Souls Of Mischief 93 'til Infinity (Makin You Itch Remix)

Props to DJ MP45 

Mix : Black Moon 'Enta Da Stage' 25th Anniversary Mixtape

"Released October 19th 1993, Black Moon's classic debut LP 'Enta Da Stage' celebrates its 25th Anniversary this week. Produced entirely by Da Beatminerz, the album's production style epitomises early 90s East Coast boom bap sonics with laid back, filtered jazz-funk samples meeting crunchy drums, cut choruses and gritty wordplay. In celebration of the anniversary we've teamed up once again with Wax Poetics magazine to present this exclusive mixtape pairing album tracks and remixes with their sample sources, interview snippets and more. Mixed by Chris Read." - WhoSampled 

1. Black Moon - Niguz Talk Shit (DJ Evil Dee '96 Instrumental)
2. Chris Read - Theme #3 (Scratchapella)
3. Barry White - Playing Your Game (sampled in 'I Got Cha Opin (Remix)')
4. Black Moon - Rap City Interview 1993
5. Black Moon - I Got Cha Opin (Remix)
6. Grover Washington Jr. - Hydra (sampled in 'How Many MCs')
7. Black Moon - How Many MCs
8. Boogie Down Productions - My Philosophy [Extract] (sampled in 'How Many MCs')
9. Black Moon - Murder MCs
10. Lee Dorsey - Get Out My Life Woman [Loop] (sampled in 'U Da Man')
11. Black Moon feat Dru Ha, Havoc & Smif N Wessun - U Da Man
12. Ahmad Jamal - Misdemeanor (sampled in 'Black Smif N Wessun')
13. Black Moon feat Smif N Wessun - Black Smif N Wessun
14. Lonnie Smith - Spinning Wheel (sampled in 'Black Smif N Wessun')
15. Baby Huey - Hard Times [Loop] (sampled in 'Powaful Impak!')
16. A Tribe Called Quest feat Leaders of the New School - Scenario [Extract] (sampled in Powaful Impak!)
17. Black Moon - Powaful Impak!
18. Alice Coltrane - Journey in Satchidinanda (sampled in 'Enta Da Stage')
19. Cannonball Adderley - Eye of the Cosmos [Extract] (sampled in 'Enta Da Stage')
20. James Brown - It's A New Day So Let A Man Come In And Do The Popcorn [Extract] (sampled in 'Enta Da Stage')
21. Black Moon - Enta Da Stage
22. Boogie Down Productions - We In There [Loop] (sampled in 'Make Munne')
23. Alyson Williams - I Need Your Lovin [Loop] (sampled in 'Make Munne')
24. Black Moon - Make Munne
25. Tyrone Washington - Submission (sampled in 'Act Like U Want It')
26. Black Moon - Act Like U Want It
27. Donald Byrd - Wind Parade (sampled in 'Buck Em Down')
28. Run DMC - Here We Go (Live at the Funhouse) (sampled in 'Buck Em Down' (Beatminerz Remix))
29. Black Moon - Buck Em Down (Beatminerz Remix)
30. Lafayette Afro Rock Band - Hihache [Loop] (sampled in 'Buck Em Down' (Beatminerz Remix))
31. Ronnie Laws - Tidal Wave (sampled in 'Who Got Da Props')
32. Lightnin Rod - Sport [Loop] (sampled in 'Who Got Da Props')
33. Skull Snaps - It's A New Day [Loop] (sampled in 'Who Got Da Props')
34. DJ Grand Wizard Theodore & The Fantastic Five - Fantastic Freaks at the Dixie [Extract] (sampled in 'Who Got Da Props')
35. Black Moon - Who Got Da Props
36. Black Moon - Who Got Da Props (MW Smooth Instrumental)
37. Mike Bloomfield, Al Kooper & Stephen Stils - Season of the Witch [Loop] (sampled in 'Son Get Wrec')
38. Black Moon - Son Get Wrec
39. John Klemmer - Song to Katherine (sampled in 'Shit Iz Real')
40. Black Moon - Shit Iz Real
41. Buddy Montgomery - Winding Up (sampled in 'F**k It Up' (Ruff & Rugged Mix))
42. Black Moon - F**k It Up (Ruff & Rugged Mix)
43. Quincy Jones - Summer in the City (sampled in 'Reality...')
44. Black Moon - 'Reality...'
45. Roy Ayers Ubiquity - We Live in Brooklyn Baby (sampled in 'Reality...')

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Dirty Face Angels

In the late-90s a group called Dirty Face Angels released two interesting 12" on Fat Stash Entertainment.
The members of the group were Kenny Black aka Rubi Rosa from Queens NY, Moe Crazy aka Seldom Seen from Harlem NY and a part time member Shady Ray aka Sinister from Inglewood CA. Moe Crazy was already known at that time for his first single 'Knock 'Em Out Da Frame / Mr. All A That' which featured Chi Ali & Tony Tone and released on the excellent indie label 'Blunted Records' in 1993.

Kenny Black : "Moe and I worked together around 91-92. He had a solo deal and I was his hype man. We would do beats and a song in the studio in about 3 hours... So with that we decided to start the group with he and I. Shady came thru with Rich Nice to a session. He got on a song with us. He kept coming to the studio getting on songs... so he is the unofficial/official 3rd member of the group but the original group is Moe and myself ."

12" 1998 - Fat Stash Ent. 

Their first 12" came out on Fat Stash Entertainment in 1998, with 2 tracks produced by Dat Nigga Reg. 
On the A-side, the Chocolate side, you can listen to "Actin' Up", a song which uses a sample of "It's fire" performed by the group Portishead and released in 1994. The song is available in its Radio, Street Mix, Instrumental and Accapella versions. 
On the flip side, the Hydro side, you can listen to "MOElogical" which uses a sample of "Summer Breeze" performed by Ceasar Frazier in 1975. The song is co-produced by Moe Crazy and is available in its radio, Street and instrumental versions. 

The executive producer of the record was a cat named Big Cap Black (a.k.a Black Cap, a.k.a Pete Black, a.k.a Pete Kennedy, a.k.a Hollywood Wheeze). 
Kenny Black : "Black Cap funded us. He’s still around doing other business adventures. He owned the label Fat Stash... It doesn’t exist or doesn’t have any artist on the roster."

12" - 1999 - Fat Stash Ent.  

In 1999, they were back with their second 12" 'It's Not A Game / 6 Emcees'. 'It's Not A Game' on the A-side was produced by Luis Phatkat Vega a.k.a DJ Louie Louie, Hip Hop producer out of New York and member of the Group 'Priority One'. 

The B-side contains the track '6 emcees' featuring Leftfield, Ideal and Suave. It is produced by Dirty Face Angels and Black Cap. 

Kenny Black : "Leftfield is out of New Rochelle, Ideal is out of Queens and Suave is out of South Jersey. Currently no one is doing music. Here is a little fun fact, Amil from Roc a Fella was on the original 6emcees. We replaced her with Shady because her deal came at the time we were putting out the record."

Unfortunately It was their last 12" ...
Kenny Black : " why did we stop ?... well real life situations...Children. Moe was temporarily blind in one eye so he had to take care of that. We have an album done but never released." 
... maybe one day, who knows ...   

Mad Props to Kenny Black

Video : Edo.G - She Had so Much Soul

Video of the Single "She Had so Much Soul”from the Edo G's "FreEDOm" album. Video directed by Skeptika. 

J-LIVE - Lose No Time - 2018

EP - 2018

J-Live will be back soon with his Bandcamp Exclusive EP named "Lose No Time". "Hating" is the first single of this 8-track EP. 

1. The Feeling 
2. Hating
3. Get It
4. Rite Nah
5. Montage Music
6. Can't Get Enough
7. Nat Turner
8. Lose No Time

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Remix Session : Cookin Soul - Remix Anthology Vol. 2 (2005​-​2015)

New Batch of unreleased remixes from Cookin Soul's archives recorded between 2005 and 2015. 

Listen to the full Remix Anthology Volume 2