Monday, October 1, 2018

House Of Reps - Why It Gotta Be Me? / Smoke 2 Many Blunts - 1996

12" - 1996 - H.O.R Entertainment

First and only 12" released by House of Reps, a group composed of 3 members ... Wyld Bunch (James Bunch), H.Lloyd (Howard Buford) and Beatz Boom (Virgil Oliver). The wax came out in 1996 on H.O.R Entertainment, a record label managed by H.Lloyd who was the core member of the group. 

Wyld Bunch : "I'm from Brooklyn and I lived a few houses down from Beatz Boom cousins which is how we met around the age of 10. Boom and Lloyd both lived in Long Island at that time. I met H.Lloyd through Boom. H. Lloyd was already making beats on his MPC when we met and I was already writing rhymes by then as well."

The 12" is only composed of 2 tracks, 'Why It Gotta Be Me?' and 'Smoke 2 Many Blunts', both produced by Musa Allah a.k.a H. Lloyd. Both tracks also features an other emcee named Tre Best of Sputnik Brown who was affiliated with the group. 

Wyld Bunch : "Tre Best is H.Lloyds little cousin. If you're familiar with the Mobb Deep family, in comparison, Tre was like our rapper Noyd... only a thousand times better lol... He spit with us but he pretty much always did his own thing...
We stopped after that 12" cuz we were just kids... no money ... we scraped up the money for that 12inch and we did it just to do it. No one knew much about the business part of making records... especially as an independent... we just wanted to make a record cuz all we did was make music at that time."

Mad Props to Wyld Bunch 

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