Monday, October 15, 2018

Dirty Face Angels

In the late-90s a group called Dirty Face Angels released two interesting 12" on Fat Stash Entertainment.
The members of the group were Kenny Black aka Rubi Rosa from Queens NY, Moe Crazy aka Seldom Seen from Harlem NY and a part time member Shady Ray aka Sinister from Inglewood CA. Moe Crazy was already known at that time for his first single 'Knock 'Em Out Da Frame / Mr. All A That' which featured Chi Ali & Tony Tone and released on the excellent indie label 'Blunted Records' in 1993.

Kenny Black : "Moe and I worked together around 91-92. He had a solo deal and I was his hype man. We would do beats and a song in the studio in about 3 hours... So with that we decided to start the group with he and I. Shady came thru with Rich Nice to a session. He got on a song with us. He kept coming to the studio getting on songs... so he is the unofficial/official 3rd member of the group but the original group is Moe and myself ."

12" 1998 - Fat Stash Ent. 

Their first 12" came out on Fat Stash Entertainment in 1998, with 2 tracks produced by Dat Nigga Reg. 
On the A-side, the Chocolate side, you can listen to "Actin' Up", a song which uses a sample of "It's fire" performed by the group Portishead and released in 1994. The song is available in its Radio, Street Mix, Instrumental and Accapella versions. 
On the flip side, the Hydro side, you can listen to "MOElogical" which uses a sample of "Summer Breeze" performed by Ceasar Frazier in 1975. The song is co-produced by Moe Crazy and is available in its radio, Street and instrumental versions. 

The executive producer of the record was a cat named Big Cap Black (a.k.a Black Cap, a.k.a Pete Black, a.k.a Pete Kennedy, a.k.a Hollywood Wheeze). 
Kenny Black : "Black Cap funded us. He’s still around doing other business adventures. He owned the label Fat Stash... It doesn’t exist or doesn’t have any artist on the roster."

12" - 1999 - Fat Stash Ent.  

In 1999, they were back with their second 12" 'It's Not A Game / 6 Emcees'. 'It's Not A Game' on the A-side was produced by Luis Phatkat Vega a.k.a DJ Louie Louie, Hip Hop producer out of New York and member of the Group 'Priority One'. 

The B-side contains the track '6 emcees' featuring Leftfield, Ideal and Suave. It is produced by Dirty Face Angels and Black Cap. 

Kenny Black : "Leftfield is out of New Rochelle, Ideal is out of Queens and Suave is out of South Jersey. Currently no one is doing music. Here is a little fun fact, Amil from Roc a Fella was on the original 6emcees. We replaced her with Shady because her deal came at the time we were putting out the record."

Unfortunately It was their last 12" ...
Kenny Black : " why did we stop ?... well real life situations...Children. Moe was temporarily blind in one eye so he had to take care of that. We have an album done but never released." 
... maybe one day, who knows ...   

Mad Props to Kenny Black


  1. Great stuff, the Moelogical/Actin up is a favourite. I discovered it on JR Ewing mixtape back in 2004. Would love to have the 12", but can't pay the price. I am waiting for a reissue.