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Album Review : Hard Knocks ‎- School Of Hard Knocks - 1992

LP - 1992 - Wild Pitch Records  

Original Scans courtesy of Drewhuge

From Hip-Hop Connection Magazine - June 1992

Millenium - How Far Will You Go ? - 1998

12" - 1998 - House of Abdul Recordings  

House Of Abdul
260 South Reynolds St  #201 Alexandria , Va 22304

For Immediate Release - April 12, 1999

House Of Abdul Rapper Asks How Far Will You Go ?

"If your sound system is not Y2K compliant , insert the new single by 18 year-old Clinton Green a.k.a Millenium, «  How Far Will You Go » , the first single from his debut album KAOS THEORY (House Of Abdul), will enable your boombox to keep rocking into the next millenium. Or at least until the next Millenium single.

Millenium was born in Baltimore and raised in Washington D.C . Rap was just something cool to listen to until he heard Wu-Tang’s « C.R.E.A.M » that’s when rap took on a more important role in his life. That’s when the pen hit the paper. And Fellow D.C rappers hit the floor as he won contest after contest in school talent shows and radio station on-air battles.

Millenium has put together an impressive collection with KAOS THEORY. CMJ, a music trade publication, stated, « This young lyricist … attacks the mic with the combined charisma of Notorious B.I.G and Keith Murray. From gritty jewels like «  Run, Run, Run » to the souled-out « Fantasia » Millenium proves age still ain’t nothin’ but a number »

Make sure that KAOS THEORY is in your sound system , if you don’t you may experience the Chaos of the Y2K bug. How far will you go ?

Millenium is approaching !"
From House Of Abdul Recordings Press Kit 

From Vibe Magazine - August 1999 

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Friday, May 19, 2017

Connecticut Kartel - The Question Is? - 1997

Photos courtesy of Yahiness  

The Group consists of Ed Vorhéez a.k.a yahiness, Drama a.k.a Authentic & Verge Body (RIP) out of Bridgeport, CT.  They dropped a 12" EP (4 tracks) and a full length album (9 tracks) in 1997 on Chase Entertainement. 

EP - 1997 - Chase Entertainment

01 - Intro
02 - Money Clips Feat Chief Xtra Nassem
03 - C.K. State Of Mind Feat Gerald Isaac
04 - All Out
05 - The Shadow
06 - Committee 300 Feat Shaneika
07 - Birth Control
08 - Certified Criminals
09 - Lyrics

Tape / CD  - 1997 - Chase Entertainment  

The album became an underground classic but It was only available on tape and CD. No need to say that you must be a lucky guy if you find a copy at your local record store ... but stay tuned fellas because a little birdie told me that it could be back soon on vinyl with unreleased joints ...  so keep your eyes wide open !!

Album Review : LL Cool J - 14 Shots To The Dome - 1993

LP - 1993 - Def Jam Recordings 

From  Rap Sheet Magazine - June 1993 

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Interview - 4080 Magazine - 1993 : Troubleneck Brothers

From 4080 - November 1993 - Issue#11

12" - 1993 - StepSun Music Ent.

Take It Personal Podcast Ep 10 : DJ Premier Tribute Part 1

"Episode 10, The DJ Premier Tribute, is our magnum opus. It’s only right: the greatest producer of all-time receives the greatest tribute of all-time. It was no easy feat selecting and sequencing tracks for this massive 390+ minute show. We hope after listening to the incredible Work of Mart homage, you'll agree, DJ Premier is the GOAT. We've broken Episode 10 into 2 parts because when you cover Premo's illustrious career, it's impossible to include every masterpiece in just one show. But don't worry- within both episodes, we've made sure to include all the ill-collabos, obscure remixes and of course, your favorite classics too!"

Soul Survivors - In God We Trust / We Rock The Mic - 199X

12" - 199X - Hit Mob Entertainment 

Jackin' For Beats

From The Source - February 1992 - Scan courtesy of Slurg 

Album Review + Microphone Check : Jamal - Last Chance, No Breaks - 1995

1995 - Rowdy 

From The Source - December 1995 - Scans by Frederic Thecle 

From The Source - February 1996 - Scans by Frederic Thecle