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Photo courtesy of Rick Mcginnis

"Christopher “Thrust” France (born July 8, 1976) maybe best remembered for his verse on the Rascalz classic, DJ Kemo produced “Northern Touch“, featuring Canadian notables Choclair and Kardinal Offishall. But his legacy stretches much further than a dope 12” or a couple of popular music videos. Living in Toronto – Thrust’s home and arguably the center of mainstream “urban” culture in Canada – it’s clear that the man’s incredibly popular. Little known fact: Thrust appeared in a 1990 Kids in the Hall skit (he was 15 at the time) and for the past few years, he has served as a music instructor, teaching hip hop production (as well as the occasional history lesson) at Harris College. He is probably the youngest Canadian hip hop artist to date and gained much of his hip hop identity from the source – summers in New York City circa late ‘80s-early-‘90s. With the exception of some pioneers: Michie Mee, Maestro, Dream Warriors and a handful of others, few in Canada were making rap music or breaking into the U.S. market, getting radio play or making a living on it. In the days before broadband and before everybody and their best-friend’s homie rapped or made beats, hip hop in Canada only played on a few select radio stations across the country. This is the environment where Thrust came up in, which makes him a significant figure – even if you can’t name one of his albums. I caught up with a slimmer, rejuvenated Thrust at “Slept-On Studios” on Toronto’s East side."

EP  - 1996 - Knowledge of Self 

12" - 1996 - Blueprint Records Inc. 

12"  - 1998 - Blueprint Records Inc. 

Menteroja & AK420 - Righteous Villains - 2017

EP - 2017

Originally released on tape in August 2016 on Amajin Records, the album "Righteous Villains" is now coming out on vinyl. 

"From Sweden to Germany - Menteroja & AK420 teamed up to clean up your city. The Righteous Villains bring you 5 gritty tracks that take you back to the days when it was all about thoughtful rhymes, hard beats and dope cuts. Simple as that."

300 copies only 
Order your copy now !

Wildelux - A Breath of Fresh Air - 2017

EP - 2017 -  Ol' Dayz

  Produced by Ol' Dayz, Mixed and Mastered by Icerocks & Dface (DXA), 
Cuts by Dj Djaz (Effiscienz).

Limited Blue Vinyl Edition EP 
200 copies available 

Order your copy Now ! 

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L. - Live from Londyn Ep - 2017

DPSWR004 - EP - 2017 - Dusty PlatterSoundweight Records  

One month ago , the good 'Live from Londyn' EP was released by Soundweight Records and Dusty Platter, and I have to admit that It has been on heavy rotation since I received my copy. 
So here are more information about L. aka L. Fly and this release, strictly for your personal Hip-Hop Culture : 

Born the son of a radio personality and a schoolteacher, rap music was an easy sell to a young boy who loved music but had to read & write because of his mother's stern stance on education. L. Fli or L. as he is more commonly referred fell in love with the culture of Hip Hop while spending a summer in its birthplace: New York City. Too young to venture out on his own L. would perch himself by the window of his Aunts uptown apartment soaking up the sounds of the city blasting from the park jams, portable ghetto blasters and cars passing by. The sounds of early pioneers such as Grand Master Flash, Run-DMC & Big Daddy Kane left a huge imprint on the impressionable pre-teen.

Shuffling between Maryland's Eastern Shore, Baltimore & NYC, the different music heard inspired L. to first try his hand as a D.J. following in his father's footsteps. Born and raised an only child, L. was given a drum machine for his 13th birthday and a set of turntables for X-mas. Becoming enthralled with the music, his parents would often have to tell him to put away his records and go-to-bed. It was then that the precocious teenager started to write the rhymes that had been swirling around in his head, illuminated only by the streetlight right outside his window. With his writing ability improved L. was ready to make his debut at bar-b-q in a neighbors back yard. Nervously taking the mic L. spit a verse that was well beyond the spectrum of his 14 yrs that not only impressed all who were in attendance but his grandmother as well who had been secretly watching him from her back steps two houses over and applauding proudly. Inspired by the reaction of the crowd and the proud look on his grandmothers face, L. began to take his craft more seriously and continued to write, perform & hone his skills through out high school into collage up & down the Eastern seaboard. 

Making his foray into professional recording was an easy one for L. because of his lifetime of experience. Having released well over 10 singles independently over the last 12 years L. has garnered a respected following from Los Angeles to as far away as Japan, where his music is so popular that a bidding war ensued between two labels for the exclusive licensing rights to his entire catalog in that region. Having been embraced by such taste-makers as Rich Medina & DJ Spinna some of L.'s out-of-print recordings have fetched top-dollar on Ebay through out the world. 

L.'s latest Long Player entitled 'Sunrise on the Reservoir' is his most cohesive and eclectic work to date, L. attributes the affinity to his music through out the globe, to god, family, an awesome support team and HIS undying love for the music & the culture that his feels is responsible for sustaining him to this point in his career and life.. 

Side A (Live Side) :

A1 - ILL Vs. (L. Allen & J. Carter) produced by Jay Funk recorded by IllDECIBEL at KC Studios Mixed by Joe Quinde at Unique Studios, NYC 

A2 - Street Superstar (L. Allen & J. Carter) produced by Jay Funk recorded & mixed by Jay Funk at Illsteet Studios

A3 - Relax Your Mind feat. Black Spade & Jay Funk of the Ghetto Connect (L. Allen & J. Carter) recorded and mixed by Fred Derby at Sheffield Studios 

A4 - Guns (L. Allen & J. Carter) produced by Jay Funk recorded & mixed by illDECIBEL at KC Studios

Side B (Fly Side) :

B1 - Blue Lights & Blunts (L. Allen & J. Carter) produced by Jay Funk recorded at Central Studios by Mike Neal, mixed by Joe Quinde at Unique Studios, NYC 

B2 -  O.N.G. (L. Allen & J. Carter) produced by Jay Funk recorded & mixed by Jay Funk at Illstreet Studios 

B3 -  Stackin' Grands feat. K. Mack (L. Allen, J. Carter & K. Mack) produced by Jay Funk. recorded & mixed by Jay Funk at Davis Street Studios 

B4 -  Tight (L. Allen & J. Carter) produced by Jay Funk recorded by Mark at Cloud 9 Studios, mixed by Joe Quinde at Unique Studios, NYC 

All songs Produced By J. Funk for Funkie Ave Productions 
Re Mastered By J. Funk at Cool & Company Studios, USA
(Re-Mastered for the Vinyl release completed by Dj Drinks (UK)) 

L.'s S/O's and Thanks - 

1st & foremost thanks to the creator for giving me life and sustaining me despite my shortcomings and misgivings. My parents looking down on me from heaven, my entire life is dedicated to your memories. My Grandmother for taking me in and allowing me the space to learn and grow as a hip hop musician. My family for praying for and believing in my dreams. 
My bro Jay Funk for spending countless hours in & out of studios with me while I 'searched for my voice' no check could ever cover the debt I owe you, bro. Syl Henderson for believing in me and helping me in more ways than this space will allow. Sid Wilson for staying down and being diligent through the years. All the people who have supported us worldwide. Our music has reached places and touched ppl we've yet to see and for that we are eternally grateful. 
Special shout out to the homie Mike Cole (the plug), Dusty Platter / Soundweight Records and all the other hip hop labels keeping the spirit of traditional hip hop alive.

All Tracks taken from the original recordings straight from J Funks own personal archives, The original recordings of classic material before it was re-recorded into 12" Singles and distributed to the masses, Along with 6 unheard original recordings from Jay & L.'s personal archives for an unprecidented look at the come up of one of Baltimore, MD's Undoubtably most talented duo's to ever do it! Nostalgia is key to fully appreciate this unreal release. Perfect for the Hip Hop Collective resurgence!

The wax is still available on Soundweight Records  or on Dusty Platter , Don't sleep !!!!

Mad Props to L.Fly , Mike Cole , Neil Richardson , Jay Funk & Ant Cole 

Broadway / Unknown Artist - Red Alert Promo - 1995

Today, my man Umberto is back with an unknown record released in 1995 on Dick Charles Recording :

"Hey Fellas, Sup? hope ya feelin' good today !! it's time for a midweek Hip Hop Heater ! Wot you see here is an unreleased Acetate from 1995 with 2 Artists! Side A is a Dj Red Alert Special called "Red Alert Promo" by "Dione Barnes" better known as "Broadway". This Tune's definitely unreleased, most definitely recorded exclusively for "Kool Dj Red Alert". 
Unfortunately there's no Label on Side B, first I thought it's a single sided Acetate, but in fact there's another mega dope Tune. Very smooth & Jazzy Hip Hop with an amazing female MC and a bad ass Dj. The Lady sounds very familiar but I am not able to ID that Song. When it comes to stuff newer than 1994 I am not the best, so maybe some of my younger Hip Hop Heads can help me out. Would love to know who this is, as it's dope as hell !!! 
So I can only talk about the A-Side Artist "Broadway", he appeared on the Scene in the early 90s. He was member of the Group "Strickly Roots". Between 1992 and 1994 they released 3 dope 12" Singles ("Duck Da Boyz / Get 'N Open ‎1992", "Beg No Friends 1993", "Strickly Roots Flava 1994") and one dope Album in 1993 "Strickly Friends (Begs No Friends)". In 1996 "Broadway" released his first Solo Single, "Must stay paid / Enjoy yourself" which came out on "Wreck Records". One year later in 1997 he had a dope Bonus Song on "Buckshot's" "No Joke" Single called "Freestyle". Still in 1997 he released his last Record "Will to survive", last year I posted the Acetate of this one. 
I took my time and recorded sound samples of both songs on this Acetate, in my first comment you find the youtube clip of "Red Alert Promo" by "Broadway" and in my second comment you find the youtube clip of the B-Side Song, hope that anyone can tell me who this is as I really dig this tune !!!! So check em' both out, Mid90s Hip Hop Freshness! I wish you all a great day .... Peace Umberto Massimiliano Lampasona 

Please if you know the name of the unknown Female Mc,  let us know asap !!!! 

Big L - Devil’s Son EP (From The Vaults) - 2017

EP - 2017 - Sony Legacy 

I'm not a huge fan of Record Store Day but the new catalog is out and there is maybe one interesting release in it : Big L - Devil’s Son EP (from The Vaults) ... No tracklist available for now but five unreleased tracks are announced. 

"Harlem rapper Big L (1974-1999) helped pioneer the horrorcore subgenre of hiphop in his short but notable career with his underground track “Devil’s Son,” a song recorded but deemed too controversial for 1995’s Lifestyles Ov Da Poor & Dangerous. “Devil’s Son” is released on 12” vinyl alongside an instrumental version plus four legendary and long-bootlegged unreleased tracks from the Lifestyles Ov Da Poor & Dangerous sessions"

Release Date: April 22nd 2017
More Info coming soon , stay tuned ...

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Styles That Burn - Arsonists

From Stress magazine Issue#10 - 1997 - Scan courtesy of Max The Keeper

12" - 1996 - Fondle'Em 

Mix : Spek the Rchitek Presents ButtaPhat Mix

00. Intro
01. Mobb Deep - If It's Alright
02. Edo.G - 304's
03. Transition 1 [Ill Biskits - Chill Factor (Instrumental)]
04. Lower Level - I Can Break It Down
05. Smif-N-Wessun - Home Sweet Home
06. Pitch Black - Analyze The Program
07. Microphone Pager - 鬼哭啾啾 (Instrumental)
08. Hype Da Madman - Real MC's
09. Das EFX - Here It Is (Instrumental)
10. The Fab 5 - Leflaur Leflah Eshkoshka (Instrumental)
11. Smoke No Bones Feat. Roger Beaujolais - V-V-V-Vibes
12. Citizen Kane - Structure, Foundation (What's The Plan)
13. Tony D - Adam's Revenge
14. Showbiz & AG - You Know Now (Buckwild Remix Instrumental)
15. Das EFX - Microphone Master (Instrumental)
16. Reign - Indestructible (Instrumental)
17. Omniscence - Touch Y'All (Remix 1)
18. Emskee - Any Rapper
19. Darc Mind - Outside Lookin In (Instrumental)
20. Transition 2 [SHI - Open Your Eyes (Instrumental)]
21. DNA - Bronx Criminal County
22. Transition 3 
23. Smoked Out Productions - Bok Bok
24. Artifacts - Lower Da Boom (Instrumental)
25. Funkdoobiest - Dedicated (Jazzy Jeff Mix)
26. Mad African & Little Red - Funk Zone
27. Roughneck Soldiers - Kill Or Be Killed (Instrumental)
28. 108 Dragons - Terry Bogard
29. Pop Megga - Ghetto News
30. Mack Da Maniak - What Goes Up (BQE 86MPH Version)