Monday, February 19, 2018

Sounds Of Rage - Beyond Da Stars EP - 1996

EP - 1996 - 20M Records 

Sounds Of Rage was a Philly based group, consisted of G-Masica, Pitch Black and Gobe Raw. The wax came out on 1996 on 20M Records, a record label from Francisville, Philadelphia PA . The executive producer of the project was Snake Plitzkin and all the productions were done by L.E Square of 100X. 
The EP is composed of three songs : 
"Superfly" features Pitch Black, "The Swamp" features G-Masica & Pitch Black ... 
L.E Square : "I have great story behind this beat,  the mc's were sitting around in my studio when i started with the voice sample (from Roy Ayers) but I wasnt sure where i was gonna go with it... They took a break & went to the store... When they came back in they were like whoooaa.... Is that the same beat?  The rest is history. They went in the booth and murdered it.. Thats G-Masica and Pitch Black.... And the crew in the background is called Bloody Tribe of Murder." , and the last song "Street Warrior" features G-Masica & Gobe Raw. 

Vinyl rip courtesy of 90's Hip-Hop Blog.

Interview : LL Cool J - The Source 1989

From The Source June 1989 - Scans courtesy of Babylon Falling 

Beat Tape : Bugseed - Ego Trip EP - 2018

Tape - 2018 - Independent Beatcasting

"Ego Trip" is the new EP dropped by the Tokyo based hiphop beatmaker Bugseed . Available on cassette and CD-r.

Cop It 

Contact : Bugseed  

Disorda Presents Suspect Packages Radio Show (Feb 2018)

Disorda and Suspect Packages present two hours of fresh UK Hip Hop flava. It's Suspect Packages Radio Show from February 2018 , Enjoy !

Benaddict - Thrive
Mr Slipz ft. Vitamin G & Verbz - Mic Loud
Kashmere - Farage Is A Loser
Coops - That Jazz
Juga-Naut - Acrylic & Oil
Ray Vendetta & Mook - Midas Au
Pupils Of The Clock - Proof
Hozay - 410 Shotgun
Lee Scott & Jazz T - Urn Money
Cuth - Get Home
Dr Syntax & Pete Cannon ft. Gardna - Sock It To 'Em
Sir Beans O.B.E & MC Kelz - Be Careful
K-Delight ft. Chrome - The Product
Son Of Sam ft. J-Live - Continuation
Tha 4orce ft. Confucius MC - More To It
Pupils Of The Clock - Complexly Lethargic
Kuartz - Babee (Everything Is Gonna Be Fine)
Coops ft. Visaka - Water
Tesla's Ghost ft. Ray Vendetta - Gun Cases
Mr Slipz ft. Kemastry - Wild Sweet
Smellington Piff, Remus & Alien Grey - Horce Faced Killaz
Smoovth & Giallo Point ft. PhybaOptikz - Dum Dums
Benaddict ft. Awfer - Stay Up
Juga-Naut - Coffee & Croissants
Tesla's Ghost - Snow Camo
Ray Vendetta & Bad FX - Her Desires
Coops - More Time
Remulak - Reflections
Sir Beanz O.B.E & MC Kelz - Other Dudes
Son Of Sam ft. Soundsci & Mr Thing - Put It On Ya
Dr Syntax & Pete Cannon - Lose My Shirt
Smoovth & Giallo Point ft. Sonnyjim & Hus Kingpin - Invincible
Ric Branson & Remus - It's Crazy
Ray Vendetta & Giallo Point ft. Farma G & Ric B - Blades Sword (Universal Force Mix)
Jam Baxter & Ed Scissor - Gypsy Tart
Giallo Point - Stefano's Gun

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Eyesoulated Mindz - We Got You - 2000

I was tired of not having info about that track dropped by the group Eyesoulated Mindz, so I've decided to contact MushMouf to get some ...  Eyesoulated Mindz was a group from Hawaii composed of four members : MushMouf, Slo Mo, Jik & Teo. 
All the members were from Waianae, Hawaii except Jik who was originally from Jacksonville, Florida. The group started in 2000 and  the track "We Got You" produced by Illmind was recorded at that time. 

MushMouf : "It was actually one of the first beats Illmind ever sent to us. We recorded this in Jiks parents house when we were like 17-18 years old. There’s no physical copy, it was just something we did for fun at the time. There’s probably about 100 songs that we never released from that time...  
Later, the group stopped because we just all grew up and had kids, other engagements… basically life !! But we’re all still close and keep in contact. Rap was more of a brotherhood for us than just music.

Props to Ryan Jeter aka MushMouf 

Independents Day - HHC 1997

From Hip Hop Connection - June 1997 

Mix : Bahamadia x Built To Last Mix

Tracklist : 

True Honey Buns 
I Confess (Erick Sermon Remix)
Word Play
Au Natural
When I Shine
Rugged Ruff
Special forces
Do what i believe
Exertions Remix
Respect The Architect
Push up ya lighter
Good rap music
Proceed III
Papert thin BLEND
Funk Vibe
B Girl Session
Total Wreck
3 tha hard way BLEND
Commonwealth (Cheap Chicks)
One-4-Teen (Funky For You)

Mixed by Built to Last . Artwork by Flørent Jourde