Sunday, June 17, 2018

Peach Tha 5ft Trooper - MC's Step Up! - 1994

12" - 1994 - Ballyhoo Recordings  

I bet you know nothing about this Canadian emcee called Peach Da Five Foot Troopa except He released his first and only 12" single featuring Trigger Man and Bad Nuze on Ballyhoo Recordings in 1994... well I was recently lucky to talk to Peach's ex-partners Trx, Chief Rock, Bubba Sean & Trigga Man and they told me the story about this 12"... here is a slice of Canadian Hip-Hop history !

Peach was a Oakville kid, he appeared on "Just Like Mom" a TV show back in the day with his mom. They use the ring people's doorbells in Oakville and break dance for them. In 1991 he started rapping, his first song recorded was "Children of the funk" with his friend from Meadowvale 'Little Twist'.
Peach met Bubba Sean (beatboxer at the time) in 1992 through his DJ Subliminal then later on Peach met Trx and Chief Rock a.k.a Sino at Rollergardens in Burlington, Ontario. 
They in turn came up with the idea to link him up with Trigga Man. During those years in Hamilton, Trx and Chief were clicking with Trigga who was in Legal Eye rap group. In about 1993, Ballyhoo Crew was formed with the following members : Peach (leader / rapper), Little Twist (rapper), Triggaman (rapper / producer), Bubba Sean (hype man / beatboxer), DJ Subliminal (DJ), Bad Nuze (rapper / Break dancer / producer), Trix (Break dancer / producer), KiX (Break dancer), Sino (Break dancer), Kaz (Break dancer) and J Stone (manager / producer / engineer).

Peach's parents began to pay for studio time at Chester a.k.a J Stone Studio who is partners with Larry Uptown Smooth. Peach had a very cocky and aggressive rap style and J Stone wanted to introduce that to the world.
But because he was a white kid from Oakville, J Stone thought it would be more appealing if he had some guys featured on his first single that were more Street than him because at this time there were no real white rappers. So although Peach had a full album recorded they begin to make the lead singers for the album which was "(Do You Like) My Flow Yo!" featuring Triggerman and "MC's Step Up!" featuring Triggerman and Bad Nuze.

The single was doing very well, was selling in record stores in Canada and the US.. the press release, the pressing of the records, the distribution of the records was all funded by J Stone. Because members of the group did not understand the music business part of things that much they thought they were owed money. but Jay Stone and Uptown Larry smooth had to make their money back first before the artist to start seeing money this caused a misunderstanding and a difference of opinion which caused the end of the Ballyhoo crew. Which is why only one 12 inch was released. Peach after then formed a group called Northside Sound.
Triggerman was a part of a group called FNS a.k.a Fist of the North Star for a bit then afterwards began his solo artist career and so did Bad Nuze, that is when Rakunz started with the remaining members in 1995.

Mad Props to Trx, Chief Rock, Bubba Sean & Trigga Man for all the info. 

HHV Boombap 45's series : Da Bush Babees - Brooklyn Movements - 2018

7" - 2018 - HHV 

A1 - Brooklyn Movements 
B1 - Brooklyn Movements Instrumental

"At the beginning we are focusing on a few quality tracks of the Golden Era that we love to spin on vinyl, and the opening release might be a nugget for all like-minded 45 DJ's. We are very excited to kick-off with the Salaam Remi-produced Bush Babees anthem »Brooklyn Movements« backed with the instrumental version on the B. The track can be found on the soundtrack to "Blue In The Face", released on CD through Luaka Bop in 1995. There's a also a seldom seen promo 12" floating around." - HHV

300 copies only 

Mix : Jazz Spastiks - Pink Mix

Concrete Click - Criminal
Artifacts - Dynamite Soul
Concrete Click - Keep It Street (Remix)
The Funk Family - Put Em Up
Twisted Mind Kids - I Feel You
Mental Dimension - MD's On The Come In
The Funk Family - Fruit Punch
World Renown - How Nice I Am
Black Prince & Aziatic - Props & Specs
Dungeon Lordz - Cake Maker
Main Source - Down Low
Mental Dimension - Shades Of Rage
Mental Dimension - What's The Real
Pauly Yams & DJ Jazz - Kick It
Pauly Yams & DJ Jazz - Get Paid
Dungeon Lordz - Hightstown Diss
The Funk Family - Ben-A-Hoe
The Funk Family - Stomped
Fatal - Pass The Kronz
Pauly Yams & DJ Jazz - Snitches Pt. 1
Black Prince & Aziatic - Black Ya
Forte - Run, Don't Stop
Fatal - Timber
The Funk Family - Everything 'll Befyne
Pauly Yams & DJ Jazz - Lean Left, Lean Right
The Funk Family - Lose 'Em
The Nonce - Thats What's Happening

Props to Murray Mackay for the Tracklist !

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

David Begun Presents Dr. OctoMobb - 2018

Dr. OctoMobb is the last mashup album between Dr Octagon's Instrumentals and Mobb Deep's Lyrics, dropped by the Hip-Hop producer and arranger out of Portsmouth, New Hampshire named David Begun. 
"Combining the dark and sinister music backdrop from the Kool Keith and Dan the Automator inspired Dr. Octagon album with the poetic lyrics from Prodigy and Havoc's Mobb Deep to create the mashup Dr. OctoMobb. " 

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Saukrates - Hate Runs Deep - 1995

Back in 1995 with this little gem released by the Toronto based artist Saukrates on Genesis Entertainment Inc. 2 Songs are available on this wax, the first one and lead single of the record is "Hate Runs Deep" featuring the Canadian emcee Marvel ("Witnessed in his first ever appearance on vinyl, the seminal Canadian classic "Hate Runs Deep" Marvel writes and spits with a highly animated and pictorial style, often rhyming about issues that affect the underprivileged on a daily basis. Not surprisingly, the song won him a MuchMusic Award for Best Rap/Hip-Hop Video in 1996" - Discogs). The track is available on the A-side in its Radio, Album and Instrumental versions, everything produced by Saukrates. 

On the other side, you can listen to the dope remix version produced by Down To Erf, which is for me the most interesting version on the 12", and also the second song credited as a bonus track and named "Get Touched". 

The same year, Saukrates and Marvel were invited in Rap City for the promo of Saukrates's 12" 'Still Caught Up' released on Steppin' Bigga Records in 1994. Here is the video of the interview and 'Hate Runs Deep' Live. 

Album Review : Cypress Hill - Black Sunday - 1993

LP - 1993 - Ruffhouse/Columbia  

From The Source Magazine - September 1993 - Scan courtesy of Frederic Thecle 

People Without Shoes - After Thoughts Of An Optimist - 2018

CD - 2018 - 5*4*20 Records 

"Get ready to go green with a new album from People Without Shoes (After Thoughts Of An Optimist). Right out of the gate starting from the intro, your hit with that classic PWS sound. 
The songs on this project capture so many important elements in hip hop. Keeping it basic with the fundamentals of our culture. Tempopmet speaks on various topics ranging from record digging to graffiti on tracks such as Style Wars & Crate Diggers. 
Preimmature touches on numerous subject matters in today's youth, some rappers are scared to talk about. 
Without missing a step he goes from telling you a story to spiting lyrical bombs. The album is produced by illinformed & Sean Peng. Two elite beat makers. They supplied a wide array of melodic melodies that any hip hop head would love. 
Pws sticks to the format by keeping it green with straight raw lyrics and a colorful delivery. With beats that make your speakers go boom"

Produced by Sean Peng & Illinformed.
Release Date : August 17, 2018
300 copies only !

For more Info, contact : Tempo Opmet