Tuesday, July 16, 2019

DJ C.S.P. - Still A Fan - 2019

LP - 2019 - Butchah Beatz

Here is an instrumental project recently released by the German beatmaker DJ C.S.P from Hamburg. 

DJ C.S.P : "During the last 20 years a lot of unused productions have been captured on my hard drives waiting to be released. It was my lovely wifes wish, that I put some of the songs together for an instrumental vinyl.  And so we’ve put all our love in making „STILLaFAN“. The 10 soulful boom bap beats and scratches have been produced between 2000 and 2003 and on March 23, we have released the record over our small label BUTCHAH BEATZ.  The hand numbered gatefold vinyl is limited to 500 copies with 6 different color effects and includes a voucher with digital download code." 


Monday, July 15, 2019

Calm Before The Storm

From Hip Hop Connection - December 1997 

Grown Man Rap Show - Episode 222 - Spotlight on Sleeping Bag/Fresh Records

Hosted by veteran DJ Toast and broadcast live every Sunday night 10pm-12 midnight (ET) from 91.5 WRPI (Troy/Albany NY), Toast brings you 2 hours of the best in vintage & contemporary true school Hip Hop.  
This is Episode 222 - Spotlight on Sleeping Bag/Fresh Records - DJ Toast - originally aired on July 14, 2019

EPMD “Please Listen to My Demo” (1989)
Mikey D & The LA Posse “Comin’ in the House” (1988)
Just-Ice “Going Way Back” (1987)
T La Rock “Lyrical King (From the Boogie Down Bronx)” (1987)
MC EZ & Troup “Get Retarded” (1988)
EPMD “Let the Funk Flow” (1988)
Cash Money & Marvelous “Play It Kool” (1988)
EPMD “You’re a Customer” (1987)
2 Smooth MC’s “The Inventor” (1990)
Stezo “To the Max” (1989)
Cash Money & Marvelous “A Real Mutha For Ya” (1988)
EPMD “Strictly Business” (1988)
Tricky Tee “I’ve Got It Good” (1986)
Mikey D & The LA Posse “Out of Control” (1988)
Stezo “Getting Paid” (1989)
Cash Money & Marvelous “Ugly People Be Quiet” (1988)
Mantronix “Fresh is the Word” (1985)
Nice & Smooth “More & More Hits” (1989)
Nice & Smooth “No Delayin’” (1989)
Mantronix “Who Is It?” (1986)
Tricky Tee “Leave It to the Drums (Here Come the Drums)” (1986)
EPMD “You Gots to Chill” (1988)
Nice & Smooth “Funky for You” (1989)
12:41 “Success is the Word” (1985)
Stezo “Bring the Horns” (1989)
Nice & Smooth “Early to Rise” (1989)
T La Rock “Breaking Bells” (1986)
EPMD “It’s My Thing” (1987)
Cash Money & Marvelous “Where’s the Party At?” (1988)
EPMD “So Wat Cha Sayin’” (1989)
Mantronix “Ladies” (1985)
EPMD “The Big Payback” (1989)
Stezo “It’s My Turn” (1989)
T La Rock “It’s Time to Chill” (1987)
Cash Money & Marvelous “New Sheriff in Town” (1989)
EPMD “I’m Housin’” (1988)
Stezo “Going for Mine” (1989)
Just-Ice “Back to the Old School” (1986)
Stezo “Freak the Funk” (1989)
EPMD “Get Off the Bandwagon” (1988)
Just-Ice “Gangster of Hip Hop” (1986)
EPMD “The Steve Martin” (1988)

Friday, July 12, 2019

New Batch of LPs !!!!

Here is a new batch of vinyl reissues available for pre-order on the Netherlands-based label De Rap Winkel Records. The official release date is September 6th 2019 for all the LPs. 

LP - 2019 - de Rap Winkel Records  

Available in Black vinyl (150 copies), Ultra Clear Splatter (50 copies) & Ultra Clear Splatter OBI (50 Copies)

2xLP - 2019 - de Rap Winkel Records 

Available in Black vinyl (200 copies), Trans Purple vinyl (100 copies) & Trans Purple OBI (50 Copies)

Available in Black vinyl (100 copies) & Black OBI (50 Copies)

LP - 2019 - de Rap Winkel Records 

Available in Black vinyl (150 copies), Ultra Clear Splatter (50 copies) & Ultra Clear Splatter OBI (50 Copies)

Low Lives ‎- Ill Rhymes / The Face/Off- 1997

Low Lives was a Rap duo consisted of Mike Glenn and Lord Devine, hailing from the Bronx. In 1997 they released their debut 12" single on Marcion Records, fully produced by Phil Rust. 

12" - 1997 - Marcion Records  

"Throwing Bronx-style rhymes straight from the street, native New York duo Low Lives debut their lyrical skills with the release of "Ill Rhymes" and "The Face/Off". Comprised of 18-year-old Mike Glenn and 17-year-old cohort Lord Devine, the pair first met while in art school, linking themselves through friendship, mutual talents as graffiti and graphic artists, and their ability to turn out hip-hop that's true to their own real experiences.

Growing up against the cyclical tide of poverty and crime inherent in their environment, Low Lives' hip-hop style is not a conscious thing. Rather, the twosome's lyrical crafting arises as a natural extension of their inner-city roots, emerging from what they live, know and see in their everyday world. In-between the two tracks, "Ill Rhymes" and "The Face/Off", a unique interlude tells the story of a failed attempt to be initiated into the ranks of a vampire - a compelling departure from the typical ghetto theme.

Low Lives is one of the first signings to New York-based Marcion Records. With producer Phil rust at the helm, this burgeoning independent label is dedicated to exposing new local hip-hop talent. " - Marcion Records Press Sheet

Video : The Doppelgangaz - Monk Mode - 2019

 Video of the single "Monk Mode", off the last Doppelgangaz EP titled "G Pack, Vol. 1".

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Honour Mission - Rampage in HHC 1997

From Hip-Hop Connection - December 1997

Mix : Take It Personal - Hieroglyphics Tribute - 2019

"Oakland is a city filled with dynasties teams. You had the Raiders, the A’s and most recently, the Warriors. But this Oakland collective, better known as the Hieroglyphics Crew, had a dynasty of their own. Founded by Del the Funky Homosapien, this was squad rolled deep, very deep. They were like the Wu before the Wu even existed.
Hieroglyphics featured many  personalities and styles ranging from Del, Casual, Pep Love, Domino, Opio, Phesto, Tajai, A-Plus, Jay-Biz, Mike G, Snupe, Extra Prolific to Toure. Their 3rd eye logo is immediately recognizable as are many of their classics cuts. This mini-mix is from our West Coast Classic series, and while we only scratched the surface, this Hiero tribute serves as a great reminder of the their dominance in hip-hop.
Oaktown is full of legends like Rickey Henderson, Bill Russell, Kamala Harris, Tom Hanks, Mark Hamill, Bruce and Brandon Lee, Gary Payton, Marshawn Lynch, 2Pac, Paul Pierce, MC Hammer, Tony! Toni! Tone!, Frank Oz, The Pointer Sisters, Too $hort, Mac Dre, Clint Eastwood, Zendaya, one-time Hiero affiliate Mahershala Ali , and the muthaf*ckin' Hieroglphics crew!" - Take It Personal Radio