Monday, October 8, 2018

Grown Man Rap Show - Episode 185 - Birthday Tribute to Kool Keith

Hosted by veteran DJ Toast and broadcast live every Sunday night 10pm-12 midnight (ET) from 91.5 WRPI (Albany NY), Toast brings you 2 hours of the best in vintage & contemporary true school Hip Hop.  

This is Episode 185 - Birthday Tribute to Kool Keith - DJ Toast - originally aired on October 7, 2018

Ultramagnetic MC’s “Kool Keith Housing Things” (1988)
Ultramagnetic MC’s “You Ain’t Real” (1992)
7L & Esoteric f. Kool Keith “Daisycutta” (2006)
Ultramagnetic MC’s “Message from the Boss” (1992)
Kool Keith “Taking Pictures” (2003)
Dr. Octagon “I’m Destructive” (1996)
Ultramagnetic MC’s “Poppa Large (East Coast Mix)” (1992)
Ultramagnetic MC’s “Critical Beatdown” (1988)
Masters of Illusion “The Bay-Bronx Bridge” (2000)
Ultramagnetic MC’s “Feelin’ It” (1988)
Ultramagnetic MC’s “Give the Drummer Some” (1988)
Percee P. f. Kool Keith & Godfather Don “You’re Late” (2001)
Ultramagnetic MC’s “Watch Me Now” (1988)
Ultramagnetic MC’s “Make It Happen” (1991)
Ultramagnetic MC’s “Ease Back” (1988)
DJ JS-1 f. Kool Keith, Canibus, Prince Po & Rahzel “Brain Bender” (2009)
DJ Spooky f. Kool Keith “Object Unknown” (1998)
Kool Keith “Cleavage” (2003)
Ultramagnetic MC’s “Pluckin’ Cards” (1992)
Ultramagnetic MC’s “Funky (original 12” version)” (1987)
Psycho Les f. Kool Keith “Dope Addict” (2016)
Dr. Octagon “3000” (1996)
DJ Qbert f. Kool Keith “Back Suspension” (2014)
Ultramagnetic MC’s “Stop Jockin’ Me” (1992)
Guru f. Kool Keith, Big Shug & Patra “Young Ladies” (1995)
Smut Peddlers f. Kool Keith “Stank MC’s” (2001)
Masters of Illusion “Souped Up” (2000)
Ultramagnetic MC’s “Ego Trippin’ (12” Version)” (1986)
Kool Keith “Ego Trippin’ ‘99” (1999)
Kool Keith “Lovely Lady” (1997)
Kool Keith “Regular Girl” (1997)
Ultramagnetic MC’s “Bait” (1986)
Ultra “The Industry is Wack” (1996)
El Gant f. Kool Keith “Freaks” (2001)
Masters of Illusion “Partnas Confused” (2000)
Dr. Octagon “Earth People” (1996)
Masters of Illusion “Urban Legends (High & Mighty Remix)” (1999)
Dr. Dooom “Leave Me Alone (Peanut Butter Wolf Remix)” (1999)
Prince Paul f. Kool Keith “Weapon World” (1999)
Kool Keith “Test Pressing” (2002)

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