Friday, March 2, 2018

Sourface - Era Of The Sourface / Don't Try To Play Me - 1994

12" - 1994 - Hardbeat Enterprises  

Sourface was a Hip-Hop trio comprised of Kat Kelly D from the Bronx, and two cats from the Queens named Fruit Punch and Black Casper. 
This is their first and only record and it came out in 1994 on Hardbeat Enterprises, a Sublabel of Mad Dog Records directed by Manny Ayala who also worked for Bad Boy Records. The group was under the umbrella of Jimmy "Henchman" Rosemond (Henchmen Ent.).

Manny Ayala : "We were all one fam at the time. Bad boy & Henchmen Ent.. I actually worked for both. It was a great time... it's been 24yrs. That's the first record I ever put out independently...  The connection with Henchmen was via BadBoy and the now President of BB Harve Pierre. He took me to Henchmen.. they all grew up on the same block in Queens same as Dj Clue and they all knew each other the members of Sourface who were from Queens all knew each other. So it was a click... I was rocking at Uptown Record days with Puffy. So I left with Sean when he started BadBoy and met Harve Pierre when Puff brought him in at the beginning of BB."

The 12-Inches is composed of two tracks "Era Of The Sourface"  and "Don't Try To Play Me", both produced by Keith Horne a.k.a K-Love.
Keith Horne : "To be honest with you, I actually only met them that time we recorded. It was really a favor I was doing for Jimmy Rosemond of Henchmen. He had this group that heard some beats I did and wanted to buy them. We recorded the songs in the Apollo Theatre recording studio."

That's all I can say about Sourface... According to Manny Ayala, a promo pic of the group exists but it was lost when he moved his office from NYC to Miami over 10 years ago.  
Manny Ayala :"We never did a press kit. We were street kats... no publicist, no publications covering Hip-Hop at that moment..."

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