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The Nobodies ‎- Fables...The Ep - 1998

EP - 1998 - Mends Recordings

The Nobodies was a group from North Carolina consisting of Derrick Nox Witherspoon a.k.a Equinox and Bunchy Carter a.k.a Apocalyspe. They released their first album "The Fables" in 1997 on CD format, followed by the 8-track Fables EP version released on vinyl a year later.

Equinox : "I was born in Elizabeth New Jersey. Me and Apocalypse were a part of the same crew but in different groups. I was in a group called Da 4th Dimension with Da 12th Doctor and Tommie Gee and Apocalypse was in a group with The Wizard of Ahhz called Trope. Trope was actually majority of the 1st Nobodies record "Fables".
Apocalypse : "I'm originally from Long Island, NY. I moved to North Carolina in High School and got a football scholarship to Winston-Salem State University. Nox and I met in a cypher by the freshman girl's dorm while I was breaking curfew...lol
Trope actually happened because of that same cypher. The Wizard of Ahhz was there also. So we formed Trope in 1994"

Equinox : "KRS One actually put us together when we were at a show in South Carolina. We were in a cipher and he scooped us up and basically took us on tour with him that same night. We put the Fables record together on the road. I had some solo records on there but when KRS put us together we started recording songs to complete it. We worked hard on that record and it opened up a lot of doors for us."

The EP came out on Mends Recordings, with productions by Baby Head, Eagle Man who was the DJ of the Wizard of Ahhz and Phatboy who was also the manager of the group and the owner of the label Mends Recordings. 

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