Monday, March 26, 2018

Unsigned Hype : Systahood

I was recently in contact with Kandi Kain, member of the well-known group Systahood with DJ Twista, and asked her if she could upload the demos they were talking about in the Unsigned Hype section of the Source magazine of September 1995. 

So here are the 3 demos, all produced by Mufi for DieHard Productions, the excellent track "Woman 2 Woman" featuring Sah-B, "Enjoy Yourself" and "Sh#@ Just Happens". 

Kandi Kain :"Sah-B and Kandi Kain link up to show how the Brick City and Illtown femme spitters can ignite a fire track. This was actually the foundation of a friendship that has spanned over two decades and have built a strong organization of girls and young women to take control of their destiny."

Kandi Kain : "As soon as Mufi let me hear this beat I instantly fell in love with it! It was four beats per minute ahead of its time and everybody wanted that track. But I put my dibs on it and everybody was curious as to what I would, or should I say, "could" do with it. Especially being the new chick "from up the hill" coming down the hill to rock on a 18th Street track. Well I just did what I do......"

Kandi Kain : "After hundreds of hours of perfecting my Illtown flow in the basement of Godfather Dee I was ready to step out on my own. I enlisted the production skills of Mufi from Die Hard Productions. This was one of the first songs I wrote, solely and wholly, about the criminalistics chronicles of a young woman trying to find herself in the concrete jungle. Learning the ropes of the streets from the most unethical sources. But how else could a gangsta b*%ch survive?"

In 2008 Kandi Kain wrote a book called "Hip Hop Holla-Backs: Systahood Edition".
Today, she's still active and works for H3B Radio .

Big thanks to Kandi Kain !


  1. How do I get this Remix SYSTAHOOD (Kandi Kain, DJ Twista) - f/ Sah-B in good quality download friend?