Thursday, March 29, 2018

Myschief - Anticipation - 1995

12" - 1995 - Epic  

Today let's talk about Myschief and his track named "Anticipation" released on the Epic Street Summer Jams sampler in 1995. Best song of the promo sampler, to me it is considered as a classic and has been on heavy rotation for a long time, but unfortunately it was his first and only song released officially.

Dontique Mangual a.k.a Myschief was a Brooklyn based Hip-Hop artist, born in Bushwick and raised in Brownsville. 

from Left to Right : Ikee, Dontique a.k.a Myschief & Skeem - 1995 - Photo courtesy of Dontique 

Myschief : "I changed my name to myschief in 94 because I couldn't use my tag name at the time (k-oz). We recorded a demo album and got a deal with Epic Records. Me, Roey Shamir, Angela Piva, Lord Jamar, Brice Wilson and Dj Skeam Beats all did tracks but when It was time to make new records for the actual album everyone thought their demo songs were good enough, not understanding the label wanted more songs to pick from so it never came out... I have a few songs on DAT tape somewhere but only two I would listen to now ... I was 14 at the time so my knowledge of the world and how to express myself had a limit.

Photo courtesy of Dontique 

Myschief : "I picked the samples for 'Anticipation' and Roey Shamir programmed the beat on the MPC witch made me want to learn how to program and still produce till this day, using some of the tricks him and Lord jamar showed me. The sample comes from a Miles Davis joint for the chiming sounds and the drums from the Biggie and Meth song 'The What' ".

The wax is pretty cheap and can be find easily, but this track is definitely the reason you should have it in your record collection.
Today Myschief is still an active artist and is known under the name of Dontique, member of the group BMR. 

Myschief :" We had a 3 man group called UN3 (United Nations), composed of Sire (RIP), Constant Flow and Me. But our brother Sire passed away so we renamed it BMR (Billion Man Rebellion). Me and CF still rock every and anywhere possible cuz the hunger don't die when your always writing and creating..."

Mad Props to Dontique Mangual.  


  1. salute!!! thanks a lot its a blessing to be acknowledged for my art

  2. One of my favorite tracks of all time... and you were 14? sheeesh..!..