Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Tha Chamba - Makin' Illa Noize 2xLP - 2018

For those who don't already know the Chicago based group named Tha Chamba, the group consisted of Chainsaw, Riot 1 & Toxic, and their classic debut album " Makin' Illa Noize" was released in 1995 on Coroner Records. 

"Chainsaw and Riot 1 were from the low end of Chi. They met up as shorties in the jetzz. As Time passed they met an M.C from the wild west side of Chi that had been battling niggazz with his skills for damn near ten years as a kid. This nigga with the slimbuild was Toxic, (Chemical B.). "I met up with Chain and Riot and we hooked up in about 88-n-shit. We started making dope shit, doing shows n-shit, knowhatimsayin' and nassha it started." Toxic prides himself off being a lyrically superb M.C. and hates copy-cat M.Cs, "I love originality in my shit. Chain, Riot and myself work hard at this shit, and we started our own thing that's paying off. Ain't no doubt in my dome that we gone keep it real as hell."
'Hoodthang' is the first single off the debut album 'Making Illanoize'. This shit is ten cutzz dEePaSSfUcK!!!

Toxic serves shit up a storm on the trax "Sayalilsumthin & The Essence", sure to follow 'Hoodthang'. To add insult to the injury of Sucka-ass MCs, a guest appearance by female MC Divine cripples niggazz and leaves ya stunned by skill on the cut 'Illsane Illusion'. This shit is enuff to make any nigga think twice times a million about getting on with these supurb M.Cs and phatt-azz trax laid down by the 2PS (purpose to become Large).

Chainsaw, Riot 1 and Toxic, Makin Illa Noise for the real B-Boys in ILL and abroad letting niggazz know up front ................. " - Coroner Records - '95 Press Sheet 

This is the exclusive vinyl release, available for Pre-Order on September 20th 2018 at 7PM (Brussels time). The album will also include Remixes and Bonus Beats which weren't on the original '95 CD album. 
500 copies only (400 Retail + 100 Bundles) ... don't sleep fellas ! 

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