Saturday, September 8, 2018

Godfather Don & Jazz Spastiks : Remixes Album + 12"

Fresh Pressings has recently dropped their 14th release Godfather Don 'Status' (OG) / (Jazz Spastiks Remix) 7", which is now sold out. You have to know that the Jazz Spastiks will team up again with Fresh Pressings Records soon, to give you more stuff from the Jazz Spastiks and Godfather Don : the 'Remixes' album (FPI015) and a new 12" 'Straight From The Gutter / Kick The Ballistics' (FPI016).

"These are hands down two of the best releases we have had the pleasure of working on... the Jazz Spastiks have cooked up some real nice dusty remixes of tracks like 'Listen Close', '7 Degrees of Elevation', 'Ill Funk Freaker', 'Colors of Death' and of course 'Status'... theres 9 vocal tracks and 3 interludes. The new 12" is also a killer release, both tracks are classic Don... his voice and flow are still the same as 20-25 years ago - in addition to the vocal versions you get the instrumental, plus a vinyl exclusive remix of each track (6 tracks in total)." raredave - DWG crew

FPI-016 - 'Straight From The Gutter / Kick The Ballistics' 12" :

A1 - Straight From The Gutter (Vocal) 
A2 - Straight From The Gutter (Instrumental) 
A3 - Straight From The Gutter (Bonus Remix) 
B1 - Kick The Ballistics (Vocal)
B2 - Kick The Ballistics (Instrumental) 
B3 - Kick The Ballistics (Bonus Remix)

Available mid October
More info coming soon ... stay tuned Fellas !!!!

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