Monday, September 10, 2018

Godfather Don 'Jazz Spastiks Remixes' LP + 'Gutter' / 'Ballistics' 12"

FPI015 LP - 2018 - Fresh Pressings 

Here it is ... Fresh Pressings, sub-label of DWG, has recently dropped the tracklisting and all the info about their last releases 'God Father Don - Jazz Spastiks Remixes' and 'Gutter' / 'Ballistics' 12-inches ... after the first listen, no need to say that the Jazz Spastiks have done a really good job ... the whole project is dope ! 

"We first worked with Godfather Don back in 2007 with the highly sought after 'Slave Of New York EP' which was followed up by the 'Billy Bathgate' 12" in 2009. This new project features Jazz Spastiks remixes of 9 vintage mid 90s Godfather Don tracks, together with 3 interludes. Some remix projects don't work, but this one definately does ! The Jazz Spastiks have come through with another dope selection of carefully crafted dusty beats that perfectly suit Don's vocals recorded over 20 years ago." - Fresh Pressings / DWG 

350 Copies only !
Shipping Date : Mid October 2018
Pre-Orders coming soon ...

FPI016 12" - 2018 - Fresh Pressings  

A1 - Straight From The Gutter (Vocal)
A2 - Straight From The Gutter (Instrumental)
A3 - Straight From The Gutter (Bonus Remix)
B1 - Kick The Ballistics (Vocal)
B2 - Kick The Ballistics (Instrumental)
B3 - Kick The Ballistics (Bonus Remix)

"New verses by Godfather Don are hard to come by, he's recorded one new vocal track in the past 13 years, so we were blown away to get two new tracks!  This is a perfect collaboration with the Jazz Spastiks, Don's vocals were laid down in late 2017, JS's beats were cooked up in early 2018. Side A contains 'Straight From The Gutter' and Side B has the equally dope 'Kick The Ballistics'. Vocal and instrumental versions are included, plus a vinyl exclusive remix for both tracks. GFD has still got it!" - Fresh Pressings / DWG 

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