Friday, June 1, 2018

The Speedknotz - Remember Me EP - 2018

EP - 2018 - Back2DaSource Records 

A1 - Jealousy & Envy  
A2 - Jealousy & Envy (Instrumental) 
 A3 - Knotz Landing  
A4 - Knotz Landing (Instrumental)  
B1 - The Zone  
B2 - The Zone(Instrumental)  
B3 - Remember Me  
B4 - Remember Me (Instrumental)  
B5 - No Retreat (Unreleased 1999)

This rare 12" EP released by the Speedknotz came out in 1998 on Bloody Hook Records. This Brooklyn based group was founded in the early 90s by War, Stress and Revo. Here is the official reissue with the help of the dope Belgium label Back2DaSource Records : "We back with another mad bomb from New York with The Speedknotz !!! Hard to find record from 98, Remember EP is a classic indie 12" ILL tracks from start to finish, back to the 12" with instrumentals versions on it as the original 12". This release contains 9 tracks, including a bonus unreleased track from 1999 !!!"

Release Date : Mid June 2018

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