Wednesday, June 6, 2018

DJ Stretch Armstrong Show Feat Bobbito WKCR 1991 - Easy Mo Bee Interview

My man Irish Craig is back with some more previously unheard Stretch & Bobbito Show from 1991, with the legendary producer Easy Mo Bee as studio guest.

Gangstarr - Who's Gonna Take the Weight
Chubb Rock - Organizer 
Double XX Posse - Executive Class
Master Ace - Movin On
Kool G Rap - Bad to the Bone
EPMD - Im Mad
Stetsasonic - Hip Hop Band
Mic Break & Shouts w/ Kurious & Bobbito
Bolaji – Massive Material
991 Volts ‎– Champion Of Love Scratch And Hip-Hop Mix
Funkmaster Flex & Nine Double M – F.A.L.L.I.N.
Leaders Of The New School – Where Do We Go From Here?
Run DMC – Together Forever [Krush Groove 4]
Lakim Shabazz - Need Some Lovin'
Big Daddy Kane - Mr Pitiful
Lifers Group - Real Deal
Mic Break w/ Bobbito & Easy Mo Bee Interview
Gangstarr - Take a Rest
? - Assalamualaikum
Stepin Strong - Rhymes Different From The Others
Mic Break & Shouts & Bobbito
? - Bust How I Handle It 
Public Enemy - Rebel/ LL - Mama Said Blend
LL - Mama Said Knock You Out
Rappin Is Fundamental - Rapping Is Fundamental [Original Version]
Three Times Dope – I Ain't Try'n 2 Hear It

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