Monday, June 18, 2018

Beat Tape : kosm14 - Orbital Blunt - 2018

Tape - 2018 - Dope90 Records  

New instrumental project entirely produced by Kosm & Mong a.k.a Kosm14 and featuring Boora, Maxiscratch and Kovsh. 
"No mastering, no mixing, only raw and dirty stuff. Mainly used Soviet vinyl records."

A1. Rolandmcdonald
A2. Aelita (feat. BOORA)
A3. Roll
A4. Loweed
A5. Lafunk2
A6. Untitled96
A7. Oldtale2 (feat. MAXISCRATCH)
A8. Allday

B1. Eye2
B2. Old1
B3. Opera
B4. Vault (feat. KOVSH)
B5. Zov 
B6. Sunrise
B7. Comeback
B8. Creepy

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