Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Tape : Philly's Rap All-Stars - Volume #1

Here is a very rare tape called "Philly's Rap All-Stars - Volume #1". This cassette is a various artists compilation which came out around 1995-1996 and is highly appreciated by the Demo Tapes collectors. 
Not a lot of info about it ... 13 tracks with no tracklisting and no productions info on the insert but according to my man Madhuman it is composed of North Philly groups like Gig Saw, Black Eye Pea, Newsense, Muvmint, 50 Grand & Scatta, Shadows of The Ruggedness... By the way he uploaded on his youtube channel 2 full tracks from this comp in 2014 : Here and Here .
All the groups are unknown except Gig Saw who released a 12" on Jablukey Records in 1997. 

So if you've got any info about this dope comp or these North Philly's unknown artists, please feel free to contact me ! 

Massive Props to Madhuman and Da Cream Hunta

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